How to Find and hide WordPress theme name / other information manually? No plugins? 2021

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WordPress tutorial: This is a quick instructional video to find a WordPress theme name and as well hide the WordPress theme information manually without using any plugin.

The video gives you step-by-step information about finding the WordPress theme details and how you can make customize the theme name of your site. However, please note that all these are MANUALLY done thus while updating the themes you will have to manually update each theme as we change the whole folder name and other details.

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WordPress themes – We use “Enfold”

greetings everyone in today’s video we will quickly learn how you can find a wordpress theme name our website is using and as well hide it manually without using any plugins let’s get started for more contents like this please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon so first let’s know how anyone can find out the theme details of your website for that let’s open our sample site and let’s learn something dot com slash test so this is our sample website to find the exact theme name for this site you can right click and go to view page source press ctrl f and type themes so you can see it’s using a theme name info so this is one method the other method to find the theme details is by going to the website wp theme copy the url and paste it and search so you can see it clearly shows the theme name and other details so you may want to hide this name there are some plugins that can do this but we will be doing it manually however it is highly recommended to backup your website and database before changing the theme details anyway to change the theme name let’s log into the website’s dashboard wp dash admin enter the credentials so we are in the dashboard before changing the theme details of an existing website we first need to download the theme settings if you are building a brand new website then you do not require to download the theme settings anyway since this site is using enfold click on the themes name go to import export and click on export theme settings please note the location to export the theme settings might be different to every theme anyway so the theme settings have been downloaded i will keep it to the desktop now we need to exit the website folders you can use ftp or cpanel but for now we will use a simple plugin called wp file manager which will grant access to all the files go to plugins and add new and search for file manager so this is the plugin install it please note you do not need to download this plugin and can directly access the site via ftp or cpanel anyway activate the plugin click on wp file manager on the left so here are all your website files click on wp that’s contained and click on themes so here are all the theme your site is using again a reminder please keep a backup of your website before changing the theme details anyway now right click on the active theme which is info in this case and copy it now create a new folder press enter open it right click and paste the theme basically we have duplicated the theme rename this theme folder to anything you want i will just rename new theme then drag it to the themes folder so the theme is here the only reason we had to add it to a new folder first is it makes it easier to rename the folder name as we can not have the same folder name anyway now you can delete the new folder so open this new theme basically we need to change the screenshot if i go to appearance and theme we need to change this screenshot let me go back to file manager so delete this screenshot and upload another screenshot.png of the same size click here to upload select files i already had this screenshot made ready in the same png format and upload so the screenshot has been updated please make sure the name is exactly the same that is screenshot.png anyway after that find style.css right click click on code editor and replace all the theme information with anything you want and save it …. so we have changed the themes folder name and as well the theme details now again go to appearance and themes so you can see the screenshot has changed please note sometimes due to catch a you might see the same screenshot you might have to clear the catcher in that case anyway so here the theme name has also been changed now activate this theme so the theme has been activated now if i open the website everything will be messed up but please don’t worry it’s actually normal we only need to upload the theme settings we downloaded earlier for that again in the info theme settings we need to go to import export click on upload theme settings select files and upload so all the theme settings has been applied now let’s again open the website …. so everything looks good let me quickly right click and do the view page source so you can see the theme name is what we wrote earlier and if i search in wp theme again it is hidden and has the screenshot image we used so this is how you can hide your theme details if in case there are any issues then you can always go back and activate your earlier theme the site will work normally one major drawback of this process however is while updating the theme you will have to do it manually to update the theme first you will need to download the theme settings then upload the new updated theme replace screenshot change the style.css details theme name should exactly be the same then delete the old theme and rename the theme folder with the exact name and finally apply theme settings if required so this is how you can update your theme the process obviously is a little longer after everything is done you can actually deactivate and delete the file manager plugin we installed earlier this plugin was installed to access all the files but you can always use cpanel or ftp hope this video was useful thank you very much

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