How To Fix PS4 Error CE-42739-5

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In this video, I talk about How To Fix PS4 Error CE-42739-5


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what is up everyone this is morgan here and today i’m going to show you how to fix the playstation 4 error code ce-42739-5 so this is a weird i guess uh error code that’s been giving like network issues and like licensing issues and i’m going to kind of show you how to essentially fix this so there’s a couple of ways to like essentially fix this error what you can do is the first one is to go into settings go to account management and restore licenses this is right like the quickest and fastest thing that you can do to essentially fix this loca uh error that may be displayed for you or happening to you uh so essentially you doing this during licenses you should be good to go this should be relatively quick or long depending on how many licenses you have so see if this works restart your playstation 4 and see if this ends up fixing the issue if not on top of this what you can do is you want to go to set up internet connection uh you want to choose lan if possible if not either order is fine you want to do custom and automatic here do not specify and manual for dns in here we’re going to change this to 1.1.141 and secondary to uh once you do this you’re gonna press next do not use automatic and test internet connection uh you’re gonna just let this obviously test it out automatically connect once this is done restart your playstation 4 see if it works if not restart your license again and then you should most likely be good to go and not have this error persist any longer so yeah that’s basically it this is why it’s always better to buy physical versus digital because this is usually happening for like digital licenses but hey just enough why i know some games are just have to be like usually indie games but anyways uh doing this should be good to go you guys should be not have this ever persistent any longer uh so yeah that’s basically it uh if you guys ever liked this video please smash that like button up if you guys are new to challenge subscribe and click that notification bell on that moment out

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