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people can go straight to your shop or to find out more about you you got some brands here that possibly that you work with or that you sell you’ve got these different beautiful sections that get people to again go to your shop or different products that you want them to check out and here’s a featured product section this is just unbelievably simple to use and to put together i really hope you’re happy and excited going forwards about customizing this i’m really excited for you so let’s get going to head back to your dashboard either click on the other tab that you’ve got open or you can go up here and then click on dashboard okay so we’re back on the dashboard and you’ll see you’ve got a few more options on your toolbar so here we’ve got one called cart flows and we’re not going to use this so don’t worry about it um we’ve got one called woocommerce and this is one of the most important new tools that you’ve got because this is everything to do with your shop as you can see it’s got orders coupons and reports and you can change the settings for this as well this is like the behind the scenes of your shop so it’s going to tell you when you’ve got orders and how much and where to send those orders to and so on we’ll get into this a bit later you’ve then got products underneath that and then elementor here so first let’s go to products and we’ll take a look at how this works so let’s go to all products and i’ve got loads and loads of newer notifications up here so i’m just going to get out get rid of some of these so i’m just gonna say maybe later for this and i’m just gonna click on skip setup for the car flows uh plugin because we’re not gonna use that and i’m just gonna click on the cross for this and i’m gonna keep this because we can run the setup for woocommerce and a little bit and then i’ve got a little message saying your store does not appear to be using a secure connection um we highly recommend serving your entire website over an https connection and this is obviously because it’s a shop and this is really really important and we’ll be setting this up in a little bit and this is what the ssl certificate is for and i’ll be explaining all about how you can set that up a bit later you have to go over to hostgator and ask them to put it up and set up for you but we’ll be going through that a bit later so i’m going to keep that up to remind me to do it later and here it’s saying that you can try the new version of woocommerce but i’m not going to bother with this but feel free of course if you want to you you can keep this message up and try it later whatever you want really so all you do is click on install woocommerce admin but i’m not going to do this for now so i’m just going to click on dismiss and at the top there is another one saying configure google analytics and google analytics is a whole other video it’s really really in-depth to do with statistics are all about your website who’s visiting and your your viewers and your customers it goes into quite a lot of depth it is something that you could get into after watching this video if you want to but i won’t be explaining how to use it in this video because as i said it can easily be another hour-long video explaining all about it and the best ways to use it and how to use it but we do have a video on our channel if you do want to get into that and also on our blog so take a look at those if you do want to start using google analytics and to get rid of this message you just uninstall the plugin because you’ve already got the plugin installed by default so here we are in products now you’ve got some default products already set up which came with your shop’s template and this is really good because i’m gonna it lets me explain how these products look and uh kind of function and what all this means so obviously you’ve got the name of the product here then you’ve got an sku and an sku is a stock keeping unit it’s a number assigned to a product by a shop and you can use skus to track inventory in your shop they can be really helpful but i’m not going to use it in this video or in the shop going forwards then you’ve got stock and this is going to say if the product is in stock or not then you’ve got the price and if you see a price like this which is crossed out that means it’s on sale so this used to be 150 but now it’s 120. then the category this is women’s and then there’s men and whatever category you assign for that product will be here then you’ve got tags and this little star is something that you can choose for each product if you want it featured in the

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