How to Type in Japanese with Windows using Microsoft IME

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I walk through how to install the Japanese Microsoft IME keyboard on a Windows system as well as demonstrate how to do some basic typing in Japanese. For a full tutorial including pictures and some more information go to the full article on the JLPT Boot Camp website:
hello this is a Mac from jlpt boot camp comm and today I’m going to show you how to set up this lovely microsoft ime language toolbar so you can have your very own on your Windows 7 or Vista or Windows XP system it’s very simple it’s very easy to set up we’re just going to walk through how to basically do that here so first if you’re in Windows 7 or Vista in Windows XP it’s going to be a little bit different but pretty much same kind of thing but first you’re going to go into control panel and from control panel you can hits the change keyboards or other input methods here under clock language region that will bring up another menu here and this is where you can kind of change formats and locations here to change the different languages kind of a cool feature here is that you can actually change the display language of all of Windows here into Japanese if you’d like and then that would change all the menus everything into Japanese so if you want to practice Japanese that’s kind of a really immersive way to do that you can switch that there but today we’re going to go to change keyboards because we want to add a Japanese keyboard now I have a physical Japanese keyboard so it’s already installed when I installed Windows just put that already in there for me but if you don’t have this probably if you’re from the United States you’ll have English United States or you’ll have English you know wherever you happen to be from here kind of keyboard so you’re going to have to add a language so you can go here hit the Add button and then go down to Japanese and you want the microsoft ime keyboard this is probably the best there is this Japanese keyboard this isn’t very actually all that useful it just basically allows you to use the Japanese keyboard to type in romaji but this microsoft ime actually performs the magic of turning romaji into kana and kana into kanji so you you want that feature and of course if you don’t have a physical Japanese keyboard you tip the okay button here which I don’t have because I already have it installed so I have to cancel out and then you you’ll have a lovely Japanese keyboard here then go ahead and hit OK and oh I should show you one last thing before we leave they’re up here this is the default input language so if you wanted to you could select the japanese microsoft ime as the default input language and then that way when windows booted up it would default to this to the japanese ime and with this microsoft i mean you can input in alphanumeric which is basically romaji basically English with this keyboard system so if you wanted to you could just keep with the japanese microsoft ime set up what’s going to be funky is i think what might happen is if you type try to type some other characters they’ll be in different places on the keyboard because a japanese keyboard the quotation marks and pretty much all the punctuation marks are in different places so you might run into some trouble if you default to the just to this Japanese keyboard to type in English so but anyway you can make that choice if you’d like you can change it there go ahead and hit OK and then hit OK again it’ll probably ask you to log off and log back in to affect the changes so this toolbar will show up for you I’ve already gotten and got it installed so I don’t need to do that so I’m just going to hit cancel here and cancel out and then you have a lovely IME toolbar if you have a Japanese keyboard there is a key on the keyboard up to the upper left to the left of the number one key which will switch this between the alphanumeric and Japanese input mode so for example we can type oops hello in alphanumeric and then switch over and type konichiwa in kana with that now if you don’t have a Japanese keyboard which is probably a lot of folks you can actually change this by hitting alt and then tilde which is the key that is just to the left of the number one key on an English keyboard if you do that then it’ll do the exact same thing it’ll switch between alphanumeric and hiragana katakana if you want to switch between languages you can hit alt shift and that will switch between English and Japanese so if you what you wanted to do you could set this to hiragana katakana input mode down there and then if you’re if you want to switch between English and Japanese very quickly if you’re typing you know you’re typing a document that has some English and some Japanese you can just go down and hit alt shift to switch between the two when you when you need to to switch one last thing before I go how to type how to change over into kanji first first off you’re going to type in romaji so until you make a Kanna iconic character it’s going to be in romaji so the minute you make it something that can be a kana character it will change over so for example let’s say nee Chi so even CH isn’t going to do it but notice TI can be CH I either way it’ll make the same kana and you know it’s II it’ll make chi once you’ve typed that in you’ll notice this dotted line underneath the kana and if you hit spacebar that’s when it’ll switch over into kanji now if there’s multiple options you can hit spacebar and it’ll give you all of the kanji that it could possibly be I know you can you can select down through all of the different options and you’ll notice that there’s little notes here usage notes that can help you choose which kanji you want it’ll give you some notes here this is what this kanji is used for blah blah blah for some kanji that’s not used so often so that’s kind of a cool feature if you can of course read the Japanese so that’s about it for how to use microsoft ime to type in Japanese and English for full sum full details including some pictures and a full blog post about this come visit me at jlpt boot camp calm until then and happy studying

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