How to Create Pricing Table on WordPress for Free?

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How do I create a price list in WordPress?
How do you make a pricing table?
Can I make a table in WordPress?
How do I add a price table to WordPress Supsystic?
How to Create a Pricing Table on
Responsive Pricing Table – WordPress plugin
Best Free and Premium Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress
hello everyone welcome to in this video i will show how you can create a similar type of pricing table in your wordpress website you can change all the text background and other type of colors also you can change the redirection url like sign up url or anything you can set on your pricing table so i will show everything from scratch so let’s learn how we can do this we are using this plugin so i will you i will search the plugin name in our wordpress directory plugins directory here i will install and activate the plugin so this is the plugin we are looking for so i will install this now once the plugin is installed you have to click on activate button and you have to go to settings section here you can create new table uh pricing table so i will click on add new table button and now i will provide a name our pricing table and then i will select a style so let’s select this style if you click on this style it will be open in editing mode and here you can edit all the options and text and images you can add more row a column and rows here if i click on add column it will be added here and also you can delete a column if you don’t want select the column and click on here you have to click and delete any column you can easily change any text premium okay and any type of text or number you can easily change monthly fee all this text you just need to edit and update you don’t need to go anywhere else just edit and update and also you can change this text color if you want you just select the text and change the text color click on it and you can update the text color select this and then change the text color to anything you want like i change it to red and our text become red so you can easily change any text or text color from this section also if you want a text to be left aligned you just need to click on left or right it will be a line as you want also you can add any row here like if you want another row and click it will be added on your rows so you can update this text as well once you complete this editing text editing you can easily update the link here and then you can go in design section where you can change the look and feel of your pricing table so here by default it’s open sun’s font but you can change the font as well also header text color that is white right now so you can change the header text color and it become red and i change the color also you can hide the header text you can disable it and it will be hide from here and then you can table align anything anywhere you want you can left center right aligned then you can add padding if you want enable footer row here you will notice a footer row is here but if you don’t want this you can disable this footer row and if you check here is no footer row now because we already disabled it and then you can come to change the text colors description colors if you change these description colors it will change you can set any description color here row text color that means these row text colors you can change easily i make it i make it green and then you can change the background color currently it’s a little bit gray and you can change the color as well so you can play with these functions and make a changes on it and make it compatible with your theme and after that you can hit on save button it will be saved and then you can copy the code that you can add on your website pages like i want to create a new page and add this pricing table on here that page rising triple and if i add this shortcode here and hit publish if you now visit the page you will notice your pricing table is added on the on your website you just need to fix the width of your page and it will be displayed on your website easily so thanks for watching the video and hope you liked my video if you liked the video please subscribe us thank you

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