How to Fix Your Deadlift (solve this common error!)

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Is your lower back rounding when you deadlift? Phil discusses this error as well as why it’s a problem and gives several ways to fix the issue.

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oh …. oh that’s going on the grams baby king kong ain’t got nothing on me that’s pretty good right coach right no in the deadlift it’s important to be able to set your back an extension and we teach the deadlift we cue this in step four of the teaching phase so we have stance grip shins chest that’s step four and then pull when we say chest what we really mean is to lift your chest or squeeze your chest up and what that will typically do in most cases is set off this nice wave of contraction this wave of extension that extends down the back setting the entire back the upper back and the lower back in extension in rigid extension so that we have nice efficient force transfer from our hips and our legs which are generating the force through our back down through our arms and down into the barbell so our back isn’t this wiggly column of bones instead it’s a very rigid column capable of force transfer however sometimes it can be tricky to set the lower back the lumbar spine in extension so we’re going to help you fix that today the first approach is to keep it simple use what’s already there in the five step setup when you get to step four simply cue yourself to squeeze your chest up or equivalently you could cue yourself to show your shirt to the wall you’re gonna need to video yourself to see if you’re actually setting your back in extension but if you are if that cue is already solving this issue and it’s causing you to set your upper and your lower back in nice flat rigid extension then there’s no issue you’ve already solved it keep it simple however if you’re still noting that your low back your lumbar spine is a little bit soft a little bit rounded then we’ve got to find a way to specifically cue ourselves to set our low back in nice flat rigid extension so it’s useful to think about the difference real quickly between thoracic extension and lumbar extension thoracic extension is lifting your chest what you’re seeing right here lumbar extension is what you’re seeing right here anteriorly tilting the pelvis now what you’re actually seeing here is lumbar over extension this is not actually what we want you’ll notice that the low back is actually becoming arched again that’s not what we want we just want a nice flat back not an arched back like you’re seeing right here but this little drill right here is kind of a nice test or a nice way to practice and see whether or not you’ve got conscious control of your lumbar spine because this can be tricky because you can’t see it so you can do this little drill and actually see whether or not you have conscious control of your lumbar spine now what are a couple cues that we can use when we’re actually setting up in the deadlift to cue ourselves to set our low back one approach is to simply tell yourself to push your belly down between your thighs or shove your belly down between your thighs this will typically do a very nice job of getting you to set your low back nice and flat and tight another cue and this is rather anatomically direct but effective is to tell yourself to point your rectum at the wall you don’t do this by lifting your butt you simply do it by tilting your pelvis so that you are pointing the underside of your rear end at the wall behind you when you do this you’ll feel some tension in the hamstrings so that’s another good cue point your rectum at the wall and finally another cue certainly more on the humerus side but also very memorable because of this is to tell yourself that if you have explosive diarrhea you better spray the wall behind you and not the floor underneath you again it gets it gets across this idea that you’re you’re tilting the hips you’re tilting the pelvis to set your low back in extension we hope these tips were useful and if they were please let us know hit the subscribe button or leave us a comment below or give us a thumbs up we will see you next time and as always we hope this helps you get stronger and live better

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