PUBG: How to Crouch Jump in 2022

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This was requested by many people, let me know if there’s a specific topic you want covered 🙂
Short guide on crouch jumping in PUBG in 2022:
Run at the window until the top of the window is at the top of your screen
Press crouch as you strike the windowframe

You can crouchjump most internal windows, but can’t crouchjump most external windows. Look for less than 2/3 of your character’s height on windows to see if they are crouch jumpable.

Let me know if you have fun crouch jump angles that you like to use!
Thank you to akasharoo for outro 🙂

so today i want to show you how to do crouch jumps in pubg so for me crouch is bound to c jump is bound to space you want to look at the window you want to crouch jump into run at it until the top of the window touches the top of your screen and you notice when you jump you’ll actually get stuck on the window and all you do is press crouch so doing that in one seamless motion looks like this so you can see what this looks like in third person so what surfaces can you crouch jump well the general rule of thumb is if you’re looking horizontally if the window is about four-fifths of your height you won’t be able to crouch jump through it if it’s half or slightly less than two-thirds of your height like this window you’ll be able to crouch jump through it so for example you can’t crouch jump in from these windows but you can crouch jump out so why should you crouch jump the main reason is it lets you get unexpected angles on enemies so say there’s a enemy on the bottom left corner of this building i can just peek out and shoot him whereas normally i’d have to jump out the window to fight the player and then i’ve committed to the fight i can’t peak and then on peak so you can get on some really surprising angles with cross jumping so for example this this back of this building angle it lets you watch both doors and this is an angle that really no one would be prepared for so for example people frequently hold the cross between the two fortunas by crouching in the doorway here and just peeking into the crossfire you can counter this without having to commit to the peak by crouch jumping the far window and now you can peek into their angle and then unpeak so you don’t have to commit whereas if you run out on the balcony you’re committing much harder and you can’t ads you get barrel blocked while you go through the door frame but when you crouch jump the window you don’t get barrel blocked another good use of crouch jumps is to peak angles that you normally have to vault into so here if i’m vaulting i can’t ads until the vault completes by contrast if i crouch jump the window i can peek someone in the corner and ads while i’m peeking and i don’t have to commit to the peak so if i take a lot of damage i can just go back inside you can also use crouch jumps to get rid of somebody who’s holding that an angle say in this little corner here say they’re holding the window like this you can go and crouch jump the sideways go on them and get a really strong counter angle the key thing to remember with crouch jumps is that it’s just a matter of practice to get the hang of them take the time to play around with them get comfortable with them you can crouch up most internal windows let me know in the comments if there’s a specific uh sneaky angle that you like to crouch jump on or if there’s a any tricks that you’re a fan of if you like this video and if you want to see more quick tips and tricks videos uh subscribe i’ll keep making them as long as they’re valuable thank you for watching …. you

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