How To Downgrade iOS 15 to iOS 14 WITHOUT Losing Data. Delete & Remove iOS 15 iPhone iPad iPod Touch

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iOS 15 Downgrade. How To Downgrade iOS 15 to iOS 14 Without Losing Data. Delete & Remove iOS 15 Beta & Keep All Data On iPhone iPad iPod Touch – Subscribe, Like & Share. Thanks :”)

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hey youtube it’s your boy e7 here so in this video i want to show you guys how to downgrade from ios 15 back to ios 14. if you haven’t had a good experience with it so far or you’re not happy with the amount of support it has at the minute because recently i have had those new side loading applications tweak tasks for ios 15 and of course yes it does work but there are still some applications that need framework updates to support ios 15. as well as that this is mostly spurred on by the fact that uh there’s a lot of tutorials out there but then they’re not being absolutely honest with you now this is going to be two methods the first one is to keep all your data which is of course everyone’s going to want to keep their data if they can but i’m going to be honest about that method it’s not the best method when downgrading from large updates so 15 to 14. so this method’s going to work for any device of course running ios 15 let’s just jump straight in okay so step one i want you to navigate to settings and general and scroll down until you see vpn and device management tap into that and make sure that if you do have the ios 15 beta profile tap on that and remove if it’s not in there if you’ve already removed it fine if it’s still there i want you to tap on it remove it and restart magic so now what this means is when you search for updates when we downgrade you won’t get the latest ios 15 but if you want to go back to ios 15 maybe on a later beta i’ll include the how to install the ios 15 beta profile no computer in the description if you ever want to go back next step grab your pc windows computer or mac and tap on the first link in the description will bring you here you choose the correct.ipsw for your device now the first link if you scroll a little way down just to save any guesswork will ask for the model number of the device and this will take you straight to the available.ipsw so you don’t have to put any guesswork in or waste time downloading the wrong.ipsw wrong type go into settings general and about and you’ll see model number you need to tap that once where you see model number tap it once and it will reveal the letter with the numbers you need to input into that empty box there so as you can see for my device it says a1778 okay so let’s put that in a one seven seven eight identify and it will take me right to the device and you can see here as long as it has a tick in green that is signed we can downgrade to anything below it in red means you can’t downgrade to that it’s not signed so in the green just tap it scroll a little way down tap on the blue download if like me it’s not downloading just below it is the clipboard if you tap copy to clipboard and then in your url empty space right click and paste paste the long url in there and it will download so if that blue tab like for me didn’t work just copy the clipboard and then paste it into the long url magic so once downloaded you’ll have this file the ipsw it should look exactly like that now i use chrome for windows computer and it will download it as it should be the ipsw i have noticed in previous videos when i’ve done downgrade videos that some search engines download it as a zip file so just to cover all bases let’s you let’s do that scenario so let’s say your search engine downloads it as a zip but it’s downloaded as a dot zip in that case i want you to go to control center on your windows computer and in the top right empty box just type in extension then where it says show or hide file extensions tap on that this box here where it says hide extensions or known files that for you will most likely be ticked i want you to uncheck it and then apply okay what this will do is allow you to amend the file so you can now rename it and then after the dot you can just delete the zip and then put in ipsw all lowercase press return yes just saves you downloading it again if your browser has downloaded it as a zip instead of a ipsw but i use chrome so at this point we want to launch up itunes once itunes is open just on the help tab just make sure that you are running the latest itunes okay once that’s done connect the device to your computer and just to cover all bases i always make sure that you’ve got at least 50 and if you’re using a laptop make sure it’s plugged in you don’t want any of these to cut out whilst it’s downgrading magic so once the icon for your device is highlighted i want you to tap on it so on check for updates on windows computer you need to hit the shift key and left mouse click down together so shift left mouse click down together on check for update on mac it’s options key and left mouse click okay so shift left mouse click this will now give you the option to search for the ipsw we just downloaded and of course that is on the desktop we go let’s do ipsw double click and of course it will say to update but in reality it’s going to downgrade us with keeping all the data now of course there are going to be some fragmented files that are going to be left over but you are going to keep all your data everything that’s on there will remain on there you’re just going back to ios 14. the absolute correct way to do this is to just fresh restore that way you won’t be getting any fragmented files from ios 15 moving to ios 14. so once you see it doing its thing it’s so important that you leave it as is don’t interrupt it don’t disconnect it obviously do not even try doing this if you have like a like a dodgy cable that sort of connects in and out even if it’s dropped once i wouldn’t use it i would use a brand new cable one that’s trusted because again if this drops out in the middle of downgrading that’s it you’re gonna have to restore and you won’t be able to keep all your data perfect so once complete you’re going to get the uh the welcome screen no activation is needed this doesn’t reactivate or need you to activate your device doing this method installed everything is going to work as it was before let’s just update our network so i’ve still got my ios god’s applications all configurations and wi-fi is all saved as it was all your photos or your games that will all be saved but just as i was explaining before there are going to be some leftover ios 15 fragmented files files you can see we’ve got the uh widgets at the top there which we can delete we can remove that but again i just wanted to be absolutely honest with you so that’s how to downgrade keep all your data if you ever want to go back the link to how to install ios 15 again is in the description guys thanks for watching it’s your boy d7 as always don’t forget to rate comment subscribe and i’ll catch you guys real soon

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