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iOS 15 is now coming. And many users found out their devices stuck on the screen showed: when they restored or updated their devices to iOS 15. Watch this video to get the solution! Free download ReiBoot:

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00:00 Intro & Preview
00:41 The Reason Why Stuck
01:05 Method 1 – Force Restart (without Computer)
01:36 Method 2 – 1 Click to Exit with ReiBoot (Totally Free)
02:06 Method 3 – Fix with iTunes
02:24 Method 4 – Fix with ReiBoot (No Data Loss)
02:59 Method 5 – Deep Repair with ReiBoot

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What’s up guys, welcome back to the channel. Apple just released iOS 15 days ago. And many users just updated their iPhone to
the newest system in the first time. However, no matter you’re updating to iOS
15 or just restoring iOS 15. You might meet this screen. Showing [](
and couldn’t move on. Even when you try to turn off your iPhone,
it seemed to get into looping. So in todayโ€™s video, Iโ€™ll show you the
most comprehensive solutions to fix this issue. Most of them are totally free. Letโ€™s dive in! So first you need to know why your iPhone
would get into this issue. It shows [](
on screen, which is as known as recovery mode. It happens when people try to restore or update
their iPhone. If it stuck on this screen and cannot turn
on, it might related to a software issue when restoring or updating. But you can still try on the first method,
to force restart your iPhone, sometimes it may works. To force restart an iPhone 8 and above, you
should first press and release the volume up, then press and release the volume down,
and then press the side button until Apple logo appears. Letโ€™s get started, volume up, volume down,
then hold the side button. Here is the Apple logo. But it seems could not get rid of the issue,
itโ€™s looping. If you failed, try to one click to exit with
a tool called Reiboot. Let me show you how it works. Connect you iPhone to computers. Then launch Reiboot, when it recognizes the
iPhone, click on the second option on the bottom: exit recovery mode. And boom, just with one click, your iPhone
will get out of this issue and become normal again. This method saves your time with convenience,
if youโ€™re interested in it, you can download to have a try. I will leave the link in description below. If you have iTunes on your computer, you can
also consider to fix it with iTunes. That will work too. But recently seems iTunes gets into trouble. And many people won’t be able to launch it
or use it to restore or update their device. So you can consider Reiboot to fix it as well. Also keep your iPhone connected to computer,
and in this part weโ€™re gonna choose standard repair Please note that it wonโ€™t cause any data
loss, so go ahead and click repair now. Then hit download to get the latest firmware
of your iPhone. Once the download finished, click repair now. Reiboot will start reparing, the running bar
shows the repair process. Once completed, that means your iPhone get
to normal again. Well done. If youโ€™re stuck on this issue and couldn’t
get rid of it. You can try deep repair on Reiboot for a higher
success rate This time, choose deep repair on the right
section And you should be noticed that it will erase
all the data on your device So once you confirmed, click repair now And Reiboot will start to deep repair your
iPhone system. Okay, thatโ€™s all, hope youโ€™ve already
solved this issue after following the solutions in this video. And now you can enjoy using iOS 15 on your
device without any problems If this video helps, donโ€™t forget to give
us a thumbs up Iโ€™ll be very grateful if you subscribe. Stay tuned for our next video.

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