How to Uninstall Ubuntu from a Dual Boot Windows 7 PC

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hi everyone in this video I’m showing you how to uninstall or remove a bun too from the computer and go back to Windows 7 now I guess I asked this question quite a bit and it’s taking a while to get around to doing this tutorial it’s fairly easy to remove a bun too from the computer as long as you do it the right way what you’re aiming to do is to remove this grub bootloader from your system but simply removing the partition that a bunch of is installed on will mess up your computer spectacularly and it becomes quite difficult to repair so let’s not go down that route I’ll show you how to do it from windows 7 now what you need is the original windows 7 install disk well I suppose a lot of times now the OEMs pack a recovery partition onto a computer I’m not sure what tools are loaded in there because I’ve not bought a Windows 7 om computer yet but ok if you don’t have the original install disk we can do is in Windows 7 I put a start menu and type in system repair disk or create a system repair disk let’s do this you’ll need a CD or DVD burner and that’s I suppose that’s fine for a desktop and laptops netbooks though well you can’t do this way I’ll show you a method that will work for netbooks in the future video ok so for now we’ll go with either a system repair disc or the original windows 7 install disc to shut the computer down and we need to boot into a disk here’s one I loaded earlier so we just start up yes we want boot from the CD or DVD right let’s choose language I will go for the option to repair your computer so it’s searching for windows installations so it’s a lot what about next we need to choose the OS to repair will select the OS to repair all right so go for that we want the windows 7 to go over next and we’re going to go straight into a command prompt we need to type in boot rec foot slash fix boot then bootrec forward slash fix and be off and just those two commands there that’s all you need and just press the shutdown button all right load up this operating system again I’ll just need to go into my settings and make sure I don’t boo into the Windows 7 ISO so I just need to eject that course on real system that’s the equivalent to ejecting the CD or DVD from the drive so its power computer backup and receiver booting straight into Windows we no longer have the grub partition sort of need to do next is to resize the hard drive so I’m not start menu and we’ll start talking in the politicians so create formats hard disk partitions it’s all to go and remove all the a bunch of partitions so to right click on it go delete volume yes whatever same for that one as well delete volume yes and then right click just at the top of this partition and then go delete partition this is an extended partition that’s partition will become inaccessible if you delete it so yes we do want to do that then right click on your C Drive we want to go for extend volume so we’re going to extend the volume with wizard so next I think we just go for next because we’re going to resize it and make it take up all available space that’s it finished I think actually you can just close and it’s automatically done it so it’s going to Windows Explorer and double check so properties has indeed increased the maximum capacity so our that that is how you uninstall Ubuntu from your computer and go back to Windows 7 so thanks for watching see you later

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