How to Clean Install Windows 8.1 Pro

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hi everyone welcome back to Joann tech lover I’m Joann and today I’ll teach you how to install windows 8.1 pro onto this new system that I’ve built there’s a video out that you can check out and I would highly recommend it because it’s just fun already so what is entailed in this video I’m going to show you how to put the windows install onto a USB stick how to boot it up what happens after how to format drives and how to install drivers so yep everything you need to know after you’ve built your system I bought Windows 8.1 pro online and I was given a link to download Windows and first you click install windows 8.1 from the link and then you run the app and then plug in the key then it’ll go through the download process and then you click install by creating media and choose the ISO file so you can have the option to burn to a DVD or make a new flash drive if you need to also click Save onto your current PC and once the ISO file is created click finish and you’re done with this part the next step is to open up the Rufus program Rufus is a utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives and go to this link to download click Rufus 2.1 788 kilobyte version to download and after the download plug in your USB flash drive it automatically detected the drive in my case next to the free dos click the CD icon to select the ISO image then click start but since I don’t want to destroy all my files on the 64 gig Drive I’ve decided to swap it for smaller 32 gig flash drive you should have nothing on there except for the OS 1 booting it will take around 12 minutes to finish transferring the ISO image to the boot drive and hit close once it’s finished also make a copy of the ISO onto an external hard drive just in case be sure to have your system off before installing the flash drive with the OS and that way when you get into BIOS they can recognize that it’s there so right now I only see USB 3.0 ports up at the front of the case so we’re going to go ahead and go to the rear molo IO and then I’m going to go ahead and plug in this 32 gig flash drive with EOS into one of the USB 2.0 ports up here at the top and you must be wondering why am I doing that why not use USB 3 it’s because if you’re trying to use the USB 3 port you might get a message telling you that a driver is missing so this just kind of eliminates that issue that ever arises be sure to have a mouse and keyboard plugged in before you get into the BIOS I think that would be quite helpful so let’s go ahead and power this baby on one more time you’ll want to hit delete to get into the motherboard BIOS so we’re going to go ahead and do that this is where you can go ahead and set up your boot menu and all that so that’s where we’re headed but if you do have a fresh drive or fresh drives in your system then you won’t need to go into the boot priority menu you could just go straight into the windows install and to set the boot priority go to settings and then go to boot and you want to do boot option one and go ahead and pick the Kingston traveler and then you want to hit escape to go out and then save then go ahead and click Save Changes and reboot yay success it is booting to the usb or from the USB drive let’s go ahead and go through the process so language English time English United States and keyboard yes okay next and then just click install now now I’m going to go ahead and enter the product key and obviously I can’t show you that so give me a moment after I inserted the product key I hit next and then I’m just going to drag this down to the bottom does anyone actually read the stuff and then click I accept license and hit next and since this is a clean install a new system I’m going to go ahead and hit custom now it’s going to ask you where you want to install Windows we’re going to go ahead and put it on drive one unallocated space this is the 240 gig SSD it’s just better for boot time as well as performance overall bear in mind that these are raw drives so there’s no file system like NTFS or fat32 so we’re going to go ahead and hit new to create one and make sure this is at max and then we’re going to hit apply and then we’re going to hit OK and just play the waiting game like oh there it is okay Windows is going to create a bunch of partitions but just worry about the one that says primary because that’s where we’re gonna install Windows let’s go ahead and hit next yeah it’s installing very slowly and the waiting game continues and once all this is done this might take a while it says it’ll restart the system yeah it’s rebooted and nuts continue on so once we get into Windows the OS that is we will go ahead and install the latest drivers onto this new system so you’ll just need drivers for the motherboard as well as the graphics card I just watched the motherboard website for the mobo drivers and as for the graphics card you can go straight to the you know and video or AMD or go to your motherboard as you can see it’s still booting from the USB key first so we’re going to have to go back into BIOS and change the boot priority to the SSD so let’s go ahead and do that okay be sure to press delete right away so that you can go straight into the BIOS now then once again we’re going to settings and then we’re going to boot and then we’re going to boot option one and choose the SSD all right let’s go ahead and pick this and then we are going to go back so escape and then save and exit and we’re going to save changes and reboot and this should work yeah it’s success it has worked so now you know how to do – and it’s definitely getting easier and easier as time progresses so let’s go ahead and get a color I think this is JTL or do you think this is J tail or is this J tail oh my gosh I don’t know I’m gonna go with purple ok and the PC name I’m going to name it of course Jake T L and then I’m gonna hit next and just to make it easy I’m gonna use the Express settings and I’m gonna have to cut you guys out so I can pick a username password and all the link okay now I’m gonna go ahead and click finish oh my god it said hi hello I’m just kidding we’re setting things out for you they are so friendly aren’t they I just love it oh I can get new apps on the store nope nope only free stuff alright let’s get started woo hoo yeah ah go ahead and press windows and X to get to the power menu and then we’re going to go into system just to check it out so yeah we’ve got Windows 8.1 pro running and then what else uh as you can see processor once again 59 30 K 16 gigs of ram 64-bit yeah it’s blah blah blah it’s awesome yes now I’m going to go ahead and open up the power menu again though Disk Management and this is where we are going to format that 3.5 inch drive we’re going to go ahead and pick GPT because that’s a newer standard and MBR is older and also for less than 2 terabytes of space so we’re going to go ahead and click OK right now as you can see it’s unallocated so we’re going to right click that and then create a new simple volume let’s go ahead and hit next if you don’t want to split this into multiple partitions go ahead and increase the size to max which it already is which is awesome and then click Next and then we’re going to go ahead and sign a drive letter I kind of want to call it J but it’s ok we’re just going to keep it as F and then hit next we’re going to go ahead and format this volume to NTFS which is the native Windows file system and there’s also the exFAT option which has Mac compatibility so if you’re using external drives going between Windows and Mac frequently might be quite useful for you so we’re going to keep it NTFS and then we are going to just keep the allocation unit size on default and label this let’s just call this J Tale archive oops archiver that works too and then I’m going to perform a quick format and then hit next and then go ahead and click finish and I believe that covers it so I’m going to go ahead and hit Windows e and as you can tell J till archive is there and so is the local disk C yeah that was easy now I’m going to go back into the disk management and change the J tail archive to D so let’s go back in here and then just right click go ahead and click change drive letter and paths and then click change and we’re going to assign it to D and then click OK and then go ahead and click yes tah dah that was simple now then you’ll be looking here it’s d yay I’ve downloaded the latest motherboard and graphics drivers onto this USB stick I’m go ahead and plug it in to the system and then we are going to install the drivers let’s go ahead and go into JTL thumb and then we are going to go to the motherboard drivers first and then go into the drivers and you’ll want to install the chipset drivers first here we go system and chipset and then setup and then just hit run now after this has been installed please go ahead and restart the system and then go ahead and install the land chip and then everything else after all right let’s go ahead and hit install yes I do all right I’m going to go ahead and press finish to complete this and then like I said let’s go ahead and restart they system yeah awesome we have booted in correctly now we are going to type in the password and then here we are alright then let’s go ahead and download the land and the rest of the drivers now that all the motherboard drivers have been installed let’s go ahead and install the graphics drivers this is exciting so I’m gonna go ahead and just open this alrighty let’s hit yes and then click OK and there we have it you looks like the Installer has finished I’m going to go ahead and click close okay all right yeah now all you have to do is get antivirus and I’m gonna go with BitDefender but it doesn’t hurt to have malwarebytes as well as CC cleaner on the side and after that go ahead and look for oops windows updates check for updates and it’s going to take a little bit of time to update everything but right now we’re not connected to the Internet I need a wireless card so this is just the next step for you guys as you can see Windows 8.1 pro has been installed so that’s very exciting I hope you found this video helpful and if your first time builder windows installer you know this should be just up your alley alright if you like what you saw and you want to see more like it be sure to hit the like comment and subscribe buttons as well as follow me on social media Joanne Tech loaded Facebook fan page Joanne tech lover get on Twitter and join tech lover once more on Instagram also please don’t forget to hit the donate button so I can help expand this channel as well as feed this techie I start up a channel called J tail lifestyle where I talk about everyday random gadgets it might be appealing to you so be sure to check that out and subscribe and be sure to check out J tail cuteness overload for an injection of cute into your day by a fluffy puppy and one last thing a store MV comma I can go ahead and check out my eight-and-a-half by 11 inch autograph prints that you can buy I guess all that’s left to say is that

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