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hello beautiful people welcome back if you’re aiming and reflex is not under your control then you’re messed in this video i’m going to show you the best and new tips which i use to control my aim and reflex but before that make sure to throw a dollar on the like button and make this video a billionaire anyway let’s begin reflex and aiming skills can determine the level of players speed reflex and accurate aiming often wins and you can have that too so step one the basic tip to improve your reflexes by mastering your own control setup if you have your own control then do not try to copy or apply the controls of any other player try to learn or sense your button size and its positions so that you can be able to tap on it even if your eyes are closed this is what defines reflex and as well as improves it here is a demo watch it watch out awesome …. step two now the second ruler tip in order to improve your reflexes by focusing on your screen placement everybody tells you about crosshair placement or joystick placement but no one’s going to tell you about the screen placement you just need to keep your camera or screen angle on your enemy’s direction this allows you to perform an easier and faster reflex focus on the sound by hearing the footsteps and keep the screen direction right exactly there in order to take the target down here is one more demo clip watch it …. now before i move on to the next step let me tell you about an amazing website today’s video is sponsored by apk whale a place where you can download modded versions of your favorite games and play against millions of people across the world all for free the process is really simple head on to from any of your device and simply search the gamer application of your choice after that select the mode features of your preference and scroll down in order to get the download option pretty straightforward right don’t forget to visit apk whale link is in the description anyway step 3 never be afraid if any squad rushes at you in fact make them damage while they are rushing from the open doing this will make that fight easy for you in order to aim properly you shouldn’t make any useless movements when you are fighting these movements will make your aim shake then you cannot shoot accurately here is another demo watch it …. so step four now the last step in order to boost your aiming and reflex is by being prepared like when a squad is rushing at you you need to start cooking grenades instantly this is also a part of reflex believe or not but a grenade can literally turn the table now you must have to watch my 1v4 demo clip in order to understand properly so watch it …. so …. …. so now you have completely watched a video i hope you understood the whole thing don’t forget to leave a like and also subscribe because it’s completely free anyways now enjoy my potato game play peace …. change …. …. …. me …. …. is …. …. …. …. wow ….

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