How to use a MOUSE with an iPhone (iOS 13)

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yes USB mouse support has arrived here in iOS 13 on the iPhone so in this video I’m going to show you how to set up and use your mouse with your iPhone let’s go hi my name is Pete and this is studio live today where I help you create record and release your best music and in this one we’re doing something a little bit weird because we have connected my USB mouse here via the lightning to USB 3 adapter to my iPhone so that I can test out how the mouse works and you know what so far so good it’s kind of fun you might be thinking small screen is it really going to be that useful well yes it’s gonna be better when it comes to the iPad in just a few days time but I couldn’t wait so I wanted to check out how the mouse functions here on iOS and 13 because it’s going to be exactly the same as iPad OS so let’s jump in now and show you how it can get this set up and then we’ll take it for a test run the gear that we’re using for this is pretty self-explanatory but let’s go through it quickly anyway we have a USB mouse with its USB receiver you could of course use a corded Mouse as well and we have the lightning to USB 3 adapter if you’re not familiar with this one check out the video up in the top and down in the description and there’s also a link there to where you can pick one of these up this allows you to connect a USB device into your lightning port as well as charging your device at the same time so this is all we need to get going and of course we need a OS 13 the new iOS from Apple installed on our phone so let’s get this connected and show you how we can set up now support so firstly we need to plug up the USB yes I always do it upside down USB dongle into our lightning to USB 3 adapter and then that one is going to go into the Lightning port of our phone so that is connected now it won’t actually show you anything here so if you plug it in and you think you’ve done something wrong don’t worry we have to turn on assistive touch in order for the mouse to actually start functioning because the mouse support is actually an accessibility feature here in iOS 13 so let’s show you how to do that now to set up our mouse we need to go to our settings so I’m going to tap on the Settings icon here and we need to scroll down on the left here until we get to your accessibility and we’re going to tap on the accessibility menu over here on the right now or wherever it is on your I phone depending on the size we’re going to scroll down because what we want to look at here is touch so you want to tap on touch there we want to turn assistive touch on so tap on assistive touch tap it on and what you’ll notice is in the middle there I have my mouse cursor now I’ve already customized it to make it red because red goes faster we know that but now it is ready to go so we can scroll and yes it’s got the Apple style scrolling where it’s kind of opposite to what I’m used to on a PC but that’s okay I’ll get used to it and here is where we can set up all of our different device options so let’s go through some of the options that we have here and then we’ll jump in and that give this mouse a try now our mouse options are actually right down towards the bottom so you can ignore a lot of this stuff for now you can come back and play with that later if you like but the thing that we want here is under pointer devices and devices so if we click yes click on that one then you can see here we’ve got the connected devices USB receiver which is what connected over here I have tried my bluetooth mouse I couldn’t quite get it to work but that could well be user error I’ll give that another try but USB devices are definitely working here so we’ll click on USB receiver now this is where it gets super cool because we can actually set up our buttons so this mouse has three buttons across the top here and I’ve noticed here now which I didn’t notice before we’ve got customized additional buttons which we’ll play with in a moment but the way that I’ve set this up is button one is a single tap here and if we want to change that we just click on it and then we can select any one of these different options here so there’s a heap of different things that we can set up with our mouse clicks and our left and right buttons so the other thing that I have already changed is that I wanted my app switcher here so I’ve actually got button 3 which is this middle button on my mouse set up to go to the app switcher because that’s something I use all the time to switch between apps and I think that’ll be super handy so that will do that for me and then I can click to go back to there and then button 3 is the app switcher so that’s so not naps which is the menu there so open the menu the accessibility menu and that way I can jump in here use any sort of other custom things if I need to pinch if I want to use double tap and 3d touch and you can set all of that up in the accessibility features to do more and more things so that’s all pretty cool that’s the basic settings for the different buttons that we have here let’s jump into some other settings as well so we’re gonna click yes I know it’s still weird to say click back on devices go back to assistive touch now there’s some other things that we have here we’ve got our pointer style that we can click on here by the way mouse keys this is a weird one I haven’t played with it yet but you can basically use keyboard keys as Mouse cursors and maybe that’s something we’ll play around with another day because we do also have our Bluetooth keyboards set up here to use the keyboard shortcuts in GarageBand so but let’s for now go to our pointer style because this is where we can adjust the size so we can put the size all the way up to hello if you wanted to be able to see really what you’re doing there I like the small sort of pointer like that at the more precise control for the sort of things I do their colors here you can have it the boring gray you can have it white or you could have a blue or you can have it red which we know we’re going to go with because it goes so much faster you could also auto hide so after 15 seconds and I won’t do it in fact let’s put the auto hide all the way down to like two seconds shall we and just show you how this works so if we go back to point a style now if we take our hand off the mouse after two seconds it goes away so if you don’t want it hanging around on the screen there too much you can actually reduce that down from the default 15 seconds or you can turn auto hide off entirely if you want to have that on your screen all the time so that is some of the basic options that we have here there’s one more thing which is the speed of the mouse which is obviously going to be pretty important to make sure that you can control your mouse cursor so we’ll scroll down which still feels like scrolling up and here is our tracking speed so we can do it anywhere from really slow which we’re not gonna be able to get around the screen very well oh oh god it’s gonna be hard to put it back up now or we can have it medium which is gonna work for most people or if you’re one of those crazy twitchy gamer types you can have it really really fast we’re a tiny little movement flying around so I’m an old man so I’m gonna have it somewhere in the middle there so that is all good now there are other options here and maybe we’ll explore those in a future video there’s a bunch of different things that we can set up here in accessibility but that is the basics that we can set up here for our mouse for the basic buttons we have here play around with it if you find other cool features definitely let me know drop them down in the comments but for now let’s jump in and see how if this can actually be a practical thing to use here on our iPhone so with our handy app switcher button set for this middle button we will click switch and we will click over to GarageBand so you saw me at the start there use of the keyboard here now that’s not exactly going to be the most useful thing I don’t know that I’m going to be a clicking in any air melodies anytime soon but and navigation is pretty cool here so if we click here on the track view we can come back here into our track view we can scroll up and down I’ve only got a small project here but we can do that now click and drag is going to work nicely we can click and drag between different different sections there and if we need to edit we get some pretty nice precise controls so say we wanted to bring this loop back yeah that’s going to be pretty easy to do you like my big chunky fingers sometimes you don’t get that precise control I’m so much more used to a mouse that I can actually do that and it’s going to work a lot better for me so that’s pretty cool you can click on all the different things your sliders you’re gonna be able to slide up and down here click and touch and drag double tap so yep double click is going to put things back to zero so that’s all back to their default so that’s pretty cool as well and yeah it’s just it’s a nice experience I know you’re thinking Pete it’s a iPhone screen and yes this is the 6s plus so there’s a little bit more screen real estate if you’re on a smaller device then it might not be quite as useful and obviously what we’re all waiting for is the iPad because it’s going to be so much cooler to be able to do this but even just sort of clicking around here in this small project here I’m already seeing that this is going to work pretty well and if we wanted to go in and say edit double tap we can bring up that menu there and we go to our edit here we go so we can actually come in here and we can move these around we can click on them in fact let’s go to our piano because then we’ll actually gotta hear it a bit better that’s a drum so again double double click click Edit and then yet we can tap on that we can move it we can extend it if we click at the end part there so we can change the size there and we can zoom in so this is where you’re going to need to work out what you want to set your different things as so if we click down here on this menu and you go to your custom options you’ve got a pinch option here and then if we click and drag we can pinch up and down so if you want to zoom in you can actually do that so you can get your pinch control there so if you were doing some precise editing just click off of that then you can do that in here by zooming into your piano roll and doing it editing so let’s click done on that one so GarageBand yeah I can see some pretty cool options here that’s gonna work pretty well so why don’t we now jump over to another app so another thing that I do a lot of is video editing so if we again click the middle button here which I’ve set up as my app switcher click over here in Tulum effusion yeah same sort of thing here we’ve got all of our transport controls that we can click around to all that options down the bottom here are going to be nice and easy to copy our attributes to paste things in and then to be able to have this precise control over our timeline here and you know if you’ve ever tried to make these little tiny adjustments in a video editing whether you’re using iMovie or luma fusion that can be one of the toughest things to do because I don’t know about you but you move it with your finger and then you pull your finger away and it goes but it just suddenly changes to another position whereas with a mouse you get that precise control and as soon as you release it because you’re not moving you can have a stable hand it sticks in exactly the right spot so I can see this being pretty useful for that as well so what is my verdict well so far yeah it’s a bit of fun like you can scroll around you can drag around your different apps you can do some cool things in here is it going to be the game changers I’m running out of battery is it going to be a game changer well I think once we try this out on the iPad so this is coming to iPad OS in about five days time but yeah it’s worthwhile if you do have a USB mouse and you’ve got one of the lightning to USB adapters plug it in and play around with it and get used to it because I think once we get to the iPad it’s going to be even more useful but it’s a very cool thing anyway it’s something worth trying and I’m glad that we finally have it if you want to check out more videos about iOS iOS 13 and GarageBand and all the other fun stuff here there’s two link down below including my recent video about how to use a USB flash drive with iOS 13 got any other comments or questions leave those down below as well subscribe by clicking or tapping on the StudioLive today icon in the top right corner and I’ll see you on the next video

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