Panasonic Lumix Cameras Wi-Fi Capture and File Xfer to Windows 10/11 PC's

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Hello i’m Graham Houghton and welcome to today’s 
video now today’s video is a how-to on how to   connect your Panasonic Lumix bridge camera or 
Panasonic Lumix mirrorless camera to a laptop   which is running windows 10 or windows 11. now 
this has come about because one user wanted to   connect his camera to transfer the stored images 
on the sd card to his pc rather than to take out   the card from the camera and plug it into the 
reader on his pc but you can also use this to   sort of tether the camera to your pc so as you’re 
taking pictures they will be transferred either in   full size or a size that you can select to your pc 
so you can actually use it for using as a tenor pc   over wifi now it’s quite an involved process 
so i’m going to try and set that up for you   the reader asks about the fz82 which is the 
same as the fz1000 so the fz1000 doesn’t have   a touchscreen but i can use a hdmi output from 
the fz1000 where unfortunately fz82 will not show   you a hdmi output except in the play mode and 
you actually need it in the recording mode so   we’re going to look at the exact same wi-fi setup 
using the fz-1000 as you’ll find on any other of   the panasonic lumix cameras so i’ve got a laptop 
here running windows 10 and i’m going to take you   through the process of setting up the windows 10 
uh computer to enable you to accept the wi-fi from   your camera so it’s a bit involved so hopefully 
i’ll take it slowly enough for you to follow so the first thing we want to do is 
to have a look at our windows 10 pc   and you can see here the desktop to make it 
easier for you for you to connect the camera   to the pc it’s advisable to first of all rename 
your pc into something a little bit more easy   as you’ve got to input this through the key 
board of your uh camera with a touchscreen   it’s not too bad but with a camera like 
the fz1000 you’re using the menu operation   and that is a bit more involved so first thing 
to do is go into the settings of your windows 10 and go under system and then at the bottom of 
that list you’ll see about and in that you’ve got   the option here to rename this pc so currently 
the name of the computer is desktop 616161 duv   which you’d have to input into your camera to gain 
access so what i’m going to do is rename this as   gh in capitals and then one so now we’re renaming unfortunately 
you’ve got to do a restart to enable   this to operate so i’m going to do a 
restart and resume the video in a moment now the next step is to create a shared 
folder on our pc that we can share over   the wi-fi network to our camera so we 
can access it so let me go back to the pc   and show you how you create 
your network chat folder so with your final explorer under your network now 
you can see that you’ve got the gh1 that you’ve   created or that will be the name of your pc as we 
renamed it in the first step i’m going to create   a folder on my desktop which will be my camera 
import so i’m going to go to the desktop   and then in your ribbon bar at the top you’ve got 
new folder so i’m going to create a new folder   and then i’m going to rename it 
and i’m going to put this was cam imports so that will be my folder that i 
am going to drop all the files from either by   copying them from the camera over the network 
or as we tether the camera to the network   so we’ve created the folder but now we 
make the folder visible to the network so   by clicking on that folder name and by um looking 
at properties we can share the folder first of all   and we need to share it so it’s under 
my username my desktop camera import   share it and we need to give access to 
users now you can either create a new user and this will bring you up to the facility to 
create another account so here we’re going to go   manage another account add a new user and if you go to family and other users this 
allows you to create a new user to the group   so add someone else to this pc now normally 
the account would use a microsoft account   so we’re going to say i don’t have the permission 
to do this so i don’t have the information so   we’re going to add the user without a microsoft 
account and we’re going to add a new user to   this pc and we’re going to call it lumix because 
that’s going to be the name of the camera etcetera   that we’re going to connect it with normally you 
would add the password here and we’ll just use pwd   and pwd now unfortunately this procedure does 
need you to answer the security questions it   won’t let you do it without so we can go what 
was your first pet’s name answer a what was your   city we were born answer b and security 
question three what was your childhood nickname   answer c that allows you to add that user to the 
group so you can actually now use it in the files   so now we’ve got camera imports if we go 
back to properties share we can now add   that lumix user to this particular group so we add 
now we need to add the permissions for that user   so we want to have read and write permissions 
we want to read them right from the directory   so now go share now that’s not the end of it we 
need to look at advanced sharing and put a tick   in the share folder box and apply and click ok 
then close so now we’ve got a shared folder on our   desktop which can be accessed by anyone with that 
access over the network so now we need to create   the connection to that network from the camera 
so we need to switch over to the camera and again   using the fz1000 i’m going 
to go into the wi-fi setup wi-fi function right we want 
to create a new connection   we’re going to be first of all sending stored 
images in the camera so we’ll select that option   we’re going to connect to the pc we’re going 
to go direct and we’re going to use a manual   connection now it’s now creating a hotspot 
from the camera which the pc can recognize   so what we need to do now is go back to the 
pc and enter that information onto the screen so open up your network properties of your 
windows 10 pc and you can now see that the   fz1000 has now appeared on there so we just 
need to click that and click connect now we   need to add that security key so i’m 
just going to enter the security key   from the camera and then click on next 
now the camera will try to connect to that you can see that it’s looking for a manual input   so select menu set and this is the computer 
we’re going to connect to so it’s going to be g h and now change over to numerical input gh1 and then set one of the things you might happen is that 
your network discovery is turned off and mine   is actually turned off at the moment so turn on 
file sharing and connect to a private network   so now under gh1 if i double click that you 
should see the camera import and a shared drive   so back on the camera you now see 
that it’s looking for a username   and the user that we created was lumix so 
again we just need to change over to lower case so l u and i and set and now we go to 
the password field and again to lowercase   and we just did password with pwd so p w d and then set and then press next and now you 
can see the folder that we had created on our   laptop called camera imports so we’re going 
to select that folder now it’s asking me to select the images for sending over to the 
camera and you can actually change the size   of the file that you’re going to send 
across either send it in the original size   uh jpeg or raw whichever you’ve shot and 
you can actually delete any location data   if you wanted to if you wanted to change that 
you press your display button and it says do   you want to set the original size or change it 
and then you can see the options you’ve got for   creating the size and aspect ratio of the file 
that you want to send so in this case i’m going   to send the original file over to my pc and it 
will be in jpeg uh if i had so jpeg and raw then   it would you could select the jpeg plus raw or 
the raw file so i’m just going to select the jpeg press enter now i go over to set and now lastly do i want to send a signal 
single file or multiple select so i’m going   to select multiple files here then you can 
use your cursor to select the file you want   press menu set to lock that one in place then 
menu set let’s just do one more menu set and then you can use the display button or the okay to   send it across so if you had a touch 
screen you could touch the display okay or use the display button i’m going 
to tell you it’s going to take three   minutes to transfer those files so across 
to yes press enter and connections failed   so we’ve got some facility here we haven’t set 
up just going to recheck the properties on the file so sharing the file is is set to share 
lumix has got read and write properties   i’ll just click share for that done 
and if we go to advanced sharing share this folder set and permissions we need to change 
uh to full control and apply   okay so now we should be able to access that file again so if you’re okay multiset 
let’s just select a couple here now then display okay two minutes and now it’s 
transferring those files across so it was a case   of we again hadn’t set the right permissions for 
that particular folder now you’ll notice on the pc   if we just quickly go back over to the pc under 
camera imports if we double click that you can   see that it has now created a folder with today’s 
date so this is under desktop of course and if we   double click that we’ll see the two files that 
we just transferred over there if i double click   that it will open that file for us that was 
a file that i sent across and the other one was the outside shot with the gopro now 
we can actually save that destination of the camera so if we exit from that now 
and then can register that as our current   destination so we register it to the favorites 
press ok it puts you in the network name so   we’ve got gh1 as the network and i’m gonna add 
here uh file transfer so i’m just gonna put um f t as file transfer and set that and that’s now 
been registered to favorites now i’m going to uh   terminate the connection i’m now going to 
set up a second destination on the camera   which will allow us to transfer files as 
have been captured in the camera to our pc so back to the camera wi-fi wi-fi function and new connection send images while recording to pc again direct 
manual connection now if we just go to the pc   obviously as we come off the network 
the pc is actually trying to acquire   uh internet connection so we’ll go 
back to our fz 1002 and click connect it’s now connected so if we go 
back to the camera it’s again now   asking us for a manual input so menu 
set again we’re going to go to gh1 so g now if you’re doing this with the 
touchpad on the camera it’s much easier   i’m to do it by the keyboard to enable 
us to capture the output over hdmi gh1 set and again it’s looking for our 
username so again it was going to be lumix so i want to go to lowercase okay so lumix and then set and then it 
wants a password which was lowercase again and we want p w d so that is the password for the user lumix   set and then press next and you can see we’ve got 
the selected folder again which is camera imports menu set image send again so again you can select whether 
you’re going to use the original size or a scaled   down size and they will be captured as the camera 
takes a picture so we just need to go over to set   the camera is now extended if i take off my 
lens cap because i wanted a black background   the pictures that i take now 
with the cameras if i just   shoot over in the studio here i capture that image and again you might briefly notice there is a r appears 
on the screen when it’s sending that image over   if we have a look at the pc 
in our camera imports folder   you can see those files that i’ve just sent 
from the camera if you notice there were um i just hover the mouse over 
the file you can see they are   five megabyte files they were sending across quite 
quickly so it is an instantaneous capture almost   so those are the files that we 
captured directly from the camera   now we know that that’s working if we go back to 
the camera and select the wi-fi function again   and we want to select a destination now 
from history and so from the history the   last one on the stack will be 
the connection we made to our   pc use the right-hand arrow key or tap the i menu 
on the screen to register to favorite and again   it’s brought up the pc name or the connection 
name and i’m going to add in there um direct capture so i’ll use dc direct capture and set so now that’s been registered to the favorite 
so when i want to use the camera again   i just go into wi-fi wi-fi function and select 
a destination from favorite so there i’ve got direct file transfer and 
direct capture so if i want to   go direct file transfer now and just 
select that the camera will connect   go over to your laptop to make 
sure that you’ve enabled it in the network connectivity there’s the fz1000 
popped up again so it will connect over to the camera so it’s now asking us to select the files that 
we want and again a multiple select i’ll select to three four five five files then press the display 
key it’s gonna take four minutes proceed   yes and you can see the speeder which is 
travel transferring those files across   to the camera and it says transfer complete so again exit from that file if i wanted to capture images again then a destination from 
history or destination from favorite rather   and i want to do the direct capture 
again it will connect to the camera so it’s setting up the username and 
password to access the network shared folder   and it’s now asking me to set that the camera 
will extend so i can actually take the pictures and if i look at a few shots around 
the studio the three four five six so it should have now sent those six files 
across the network so if we go back to the pc we can see the folders have just gone across   and if i just check on the back 
of the camera the last file try and find the file name before the uh 
yeah one one three four six nine two so nine the last five was four six nine two and if we look 
at the camera here it’s four six nine two so that   was the last file so we know this has been working 
correct you can see that was quite an involved   process with the earlier versions of windows 
such as xp it was much easier to file share and   set permissions than it has been with windows 
10 and 11 because microsoft are driving you to   create a microsoft account rather than a local 
account but if you’ve set up your local account   you can actually do that yourself so you can see 
it’s quite an involved process to set up the file   transfer system from your camera to your pc if 
you are just transferring files it’s quicker to   take out the sd card and insert that into your 
pc and copy the files across the only advantages   in the file transfer where you are capturing the 
files from the buffer and sending them over wifi   before they go to the sd card so that’s the only 
benefit as i can see for this particular operation

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