Samsung Galaxy S8 review :The Pinnacle of smartphones ?

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the Samsung Galaxy s8 is it in fact the quince that is promised the assay to the culmination of Samsung’s effort of incorporating edge into the display it is at the very least a stunningly gorgeous device the curves and the mind-blowing eighty three point six screen to body ratio coupled with the Super AMOLED panel and a pixel density of 570 PVA make it one of the best screens I have ever laid my eyes on the normal problem that this is glassful phones is that they are extraordinarily slippery BSA thankfully is not the back glass curved ever so slightly to the front of the phone sits comfortably snug in your hand but fingerprints have seen a problem and it’s all perform we have the hybrid central to the right the bobber down below we have a headphone jack here with a keyboard with single down vertically the vehicle is now a dealer but can’t eat eat muffin …. here the Orang Asli button the back the crash heart rate monitor with camera to the Finnegan cuter specs we have a qualcomm snapdragon 835 with the Adreno 530 GPU coupled with 4gb of RAM and 64gb of internal storage this is all powered by a 3000 mAh battery remember we have at all naked pixel length without f1 conserve aperture dual pixel autofocus and pretty much the best available self the front-facing camera TUI’s pratik top-notch and is 8 megapixels length with s 1.7 a person and autofocus with such high-end specs day to day performance is blazing fast it doesn’t stutter or lag it is exactly how you would expect from samsung’s latest and greatest to be everything is just buttery smooth and for those who wonders we have Android n on board so one of the new features that Samsung has try to implement is the big speak it is same as Google now answers hi I’m big speed checks Jenny hey no hi with a smiley face actually how you do it I never mind just text a text sent put on my party playlist and call me an uber to O’Toole’s okay reminder you oh Jenny a drink oh yeah texture my location text sent pull up the picture of snowball from yesterday now draw a heart send it to Jenny on Facebook with the message snowball misses you message sent reminder Jenny’s coming over tonight nice so what’s in the fridge ah chicken that’ll work set oven to 350 degrees heating now call my girlfriend calling Jenny is it gonna rain tonight yes rain will start around 8:30 and continue for approximately two hours looks like we’re staying in how I play a movie from my phone on the TV here are three easy steps all right text Jenny that dawn of the night of the killer zombie sharks from Mars 2 is on intent text sent oh and one more thing in the light you this is how it should look like when it is done but for now it is set on the left of the home screen and displays impose our card last but not least we are going talk about the camera if I were to describe it in one word it would be phenomenal this is because you wanted to think we’re going to take a photo all you have to do is all you have to do is take the phone open the camera and take a sign put the phone back in your pocket and then forget about it sit in reverse photo taken automatically amazing the other have some additional features like manual board selective focus a couple of security in the media anything you have time lapse slow motion and many more here this is the phone review as far as I’m concerned it’s worth the money if you have the budget go ahead right we like to know your opinion by dropping your comments below you new to our channel please like this video and subscribe

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