iOS 15.5 Jailbreak ๐Ÿ˜˜ How to Jailbreak iOS 15.5 Without Human Verification [iOS 15.5.1 Jailbreak]

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hey what is going on guys this is mike here today in a few minutes i will show you how to jailbreak ios 15.5 without using computer or mac i promise it’s going to be really easy tutorial also you don’t have to do any human verification make sure you watch this video carefully and don’t miss any steps first let me show you the current version of ios installed on my iphone alright guys as you can see it’s the latest ios 15.5 before jailbreak you need to first go to find my app then go to me tab and turn off this option which is share my location also make sure you have more than 50 battery and a decent internet connection now open up safari browser and then go to this website make sure you type the website link correctly i will put this link in the first comment below let the website load this may take few seconds now you can use this check ring jailbreak either via mobile or from windows computer for now i’m going to use my mobile here now there is a social locker since this website offers free jailbreak tool in exchange to download it you need to do their sponsored social survey you can do facebook or twitter share or youtube subscribe it’s all up to you so i try youtube subscribe here go ahead and click on this youtube icon and you will be redirected to a youtube channel now click the subscribe button here then make sure you click the notification on now go back to the browser click on proceed to download it will then ask a permission to download check ring configuration profile all right the check ring configuration profile has been downloaded and now it needs to be installed so go ahead and open settings now you need to click on profile downloaded button right below your profile here you will need to choose install option then enter your iphone passcode click next and finally install it alright the check rain profile has been installed now so go ahead and open this checkrain app please allow some time to load this app completely as a lot of people are using it it may take a while to load it you can verify your current ios version here now click on this jailbreak button so the jailbreaking has begun this should be done within a minute please do not close the window and let the process get completed i will fast forward this part alright guys if you have followed the instructions correctly you should see cedia being extracted from this check rain app as you can see it’s now asking me to install cdia it will take few minutes for installation there you have it cedia has been installed you can now go ahead and open it there it is guys as you can see i have fully working cedia here now let’s install some tweaks i’m going to install a really cool tweak known as simple ls2 simple ls2 provides different styles and widget for lock screen and it also bring always on display to ios devices it brings modern and beautiful lock screen to ios devices just proceed with the installation steps and then respring your device alright guys as you can see the lock screen of my iphone has been changed completely i can add different styles of clocks and widgets on my lock screen this is really cool guys let me go ahead and install one more tweak i will be installing another cool tweak which is on e-launch ani launch brings interactive animations to your home screen app icons you can have your home screens application icons animate in various ways from doing various things and there you have it as you can see this tweak is designed to animate your home screen icons based off of various actions that you take like opening apps closing apps when touching the screen when shaking the device when swiping between home screen pages or when rotating the device this is really cool guys you can even install a lot of themes from cedia to customize your iphone as you can see i have installed this theme on my iphone which has changed the look and feel of the home screen completely so this is how you can jailbreak ios 15.5 and install cool tweaks using sedia if you face any issue just reply me in the first comment below and i will help you with it however make sure you like this video and subscribe to my channel first thanks for watching peace …. ….

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