[LearnPress 3.0] How to use LearnPress to create and sell course online.

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hello everyone welcome to Tim press tutorial videos for learn press in this video I will guide you step-by-step on how to use learn press on your education website with learn press you can create and sell courses online on your site as you can see here are the list of online courses create by learn press displayed with their Duma theme the courses can include lessons and quizzes you can add video or audio file or slide and text to your lessons like this to use learn press of course you need to download and activate the plug-in on your website you can download learn press from WordPress learn press can be used with any theme in this video I used a dimmer with my website after successfully activating to create the courses go to your dashboard learn press courses choose the course you want to edit or add a new one at the first box you can add the title of your courses the big white box is your course description you can add information about your courses here such as name of the course course purposes lengths tutor in the course or South line then scroll down to curriculum to create courses content the course will be divided into sections you can add section by typing the name here I will create chapter 1 then press Enter now a section will be appeared for you to add lesson and quiz to your course there are two ways to add firstly you can type the title of the lesson and press ENTER to create the lesson or you can choose the quiz icon on add title then press ENTER to create quiz the second way is click buttons select items choose the pre-made lessons and quizzes you want to add to your course …. click Add now your lessons and quizzes have just created you can choose to enable or disable the student from previewing the lesson and quiz by click this ayah symbol besides by click the bin symbol you can delete the lesson or quiz …. however the lessons and quiz you just created haven’t had the content yet you can click the pencil symbol to create or edit the content a new tab will be opened at this tab the first line is the lesson title the second white big box is for you to our all content of the lesson scroll down to lesson settings you can add duration of the lesson if you left at 0 the lesson will be disabled you can also choose to disable or enable preview function by ticking this box or not your lesson can contain resources from third party website videos from YouTube Vimeo audio files from SoundCloud slide from LinkedIn for example I will add a video from YouTube into this lesson …. add embed link from the video you want to the media box then scroll up and click update to save the setting your lesson will look like this …. …. coming back to the course edit page similarity with the quiz you can also edit or add content by clicking to pencil symbol a quiz setting page will be opened remember to add description of the quiz …. go to questions section here you can add questions of the quiz you can choose the type of questions true or false multi choice single choice I will go with choose or false type first you can add the option of answers and choose the correct answer at this column the right column contains question content question explanation and question hint …. with multi choice question you can edit the option of answers and then choose the correct answers after adding all the questions you can edit the order of questions by dragging and dropping go to general settings section you can choose to show the questions in order by ticking to this box the review questions section is for you to allow students to review the questions after completing following this when reviewing students can see the correct answer or not set duration of the test and minus points when taking wrong question and remember to set other information such as passing grade retake time …. times of checking answer and showing hint setting zero is to disable these options after finishing all setting remember to click update now your quiz and lesson have content come back to course setting page after curriculum is the course settings section in general tab you can set prerequisites courses that student have to finish before taking this course you can allow student to purchase without finishing prerequisites by ticking this box then remember to set the duration of courses maximum students number of students already enrolled to the course the number of students enrolled will be showed in courses page like this you need to remember to set all necessary information such as number of retake time set as featured course or block lessons content when students complete course that means student cannot learn the course again once they click complete you can also sell course from third party website by adding external link with this function the student will be redirected to external website when clicking buy the course at the courses detail page in assessment section you can choose how the course result is evaluated violations via a final quiz via all quizzes and so on remember to set passing condition in pricing section if you don’t set the price the course will be free remember to set require log it in student or not if the course is not free set the price and sale price if needed you can set the author of this course by other tutor after finishing all setting click publish your course remember to test all content before officially sell the course you can see a course made by learn press with Thema Duma here that’s all about how to use learn press plug-in to create course on your website hope you will find it easier to use please like and subscribe if this video is useful for you and if you want to get more tutorial video from us thank you for watching and see you in the next tutorial videos

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