Windows 11 BSOD comes from Sophos Antivirus with latest updates

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welcome to the windows computer and technology channel and uh since we had the last update for windows 11 uh some people been complaining about a blue screen of death and microsoft has issued a little warning saying that if you’re using the sofos antivirus the antivirus driver is faulty and the problem isn’t with windows and it’s with sofos you have to update the anti-virus so if you are stuck with this type of problem that’s what’s happening right now is really the anti-virus creating a problem we often say it the more you add third-party software to windows the more you increase the chances of having problems and this is an example as the sofos antivirus is creating this issue and it’s actually big enough time i’m surprised at the amount of people that are using this antivirus i know there is a free version of sophos in a paid version but i would guess that maybe a lot more people are using the free version but still kind of interesting to see that a lot of people are using this so the best thing to do when you have this happening is to go to uh in uninstalled at if if you can’t access the desktop or first of all is to go to your uh safe mode and you can go to safe mode by accessing the advanced menu and i’m actually going to show you how to go to safe mode today in one of my videos by going to the advanced menu you will be able at boot up to go to safe mode and from safe mode you’ll be able to uninstall the anti-virus if you want it’s going to actually work there there you can then actually go back to windows and then download the latest version if you do still want to have sofos just download the latest version they have to fix the problem so blue screen of death due to the latest update which is uh in windows 11 and it is really due to the sofos antivirus if you have that installed um just make sure that you uninstall and if you don’t know how to go to safe mode we’re going to show you today in one of my videos if you enjoy my videos please subscribe give us thumbs up thank you for watching

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