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Hello, my name is Zulie Rane. I create
videos that are all about how to grow your blogging Empire and make
a living by writing about what you actually love. Today’s video is about
how to write a blog post in less than 1 hour. Normally,
I’m not a huge proponent of speed. I think think it’s normally
better to take your time and really craft something that you’re proud of.
However, in today’s attention economy, it’s always a good idea to
know how to crank out an article in less than an hour when you need to.
There are four main elements to writing a blog post in less than 1
hour, and we’re going to talk through each of them. The first one is brain
throwing coming up with the idea. The next is the outline, structuring
the idea, knowing what your idea is going to look like. The third is drafting,
so actually typing it all out. And the fourth is editing,
polishing it, and making it fit to publish. Let’s break it all down.
Number one, brainstorming, brainstorming. When you’re
brainstorming, you are looking for three very important things. Number one,
emotions. Do you care about this thing? Make sure that when
you dig down and you think about how you feel about it, doesn’t matter
if it’s positive or negative, it just has to be real strong. Okay,
that’s rule number one to writing a blog post
fast. Number two, do you have some general knowledge about it? Writing a
blog post should always be well received. Like, you should never
sacrifice quality. But in order to do that fast, you should pick a subject where
you kind of know a little bit about the area. Maybe you
already have some key facts memorized, or failing
that, you know where you can find them pretty easily. You’re not going
to have to spend a lot of time searching for screenshots or
looking for hyperlinks or that kind of thing. You’re familiar with the
terrain. And number three, it has to be at least something you
suspect other people will care about. When you are writing something, you
want to get it done quickly. One of the key motivators is
knowing that there’s another person at the end of the line. Somebody else
is going to have this in front of their eyeballs and they’re going to
care about it just like you do. An example, I recently went to this
very small town bank called Estipona. I wanted to write about it. I felt
very passionately about it. I love this town. I knew a lot about it because
it’s just been. And the way that I made it palatable to general
audiences was I titled it like Underrated Things to do in Isopona
Spain. So that attracted some attention. It made
people think like, oh, maybe I’ll go check it out. And the idea of them reading that
made me excited to write it, which was great. Number
two, outlining. When you outline, if you want to do it
fast. The fastest way to do it is to have a structure in
mind before you begin. There are four or five that I cycle
through on a regular basis. So a classic is a list of ten things you
did not know about apromia plants as an
example. Another really easy to write is a tutorial on HowTo
because especially if it’s something that you’re knowledgeable
about, you can bang through those steps quickly. So stuff like that, where
there’s a given structure, you already know how you’re going to tackle it. Those
help outline so quickly. So if you’re really looking to get
something done fast, I would try to fit your idea into an outline structure
that you already have in mind, rather than trying to write like
a Think piece or like a personal essay. Those take a lot
longer to write. They’re not the kind of thing that you can crank out in an
hour. So I want to show you an outline that I drafted out earlier
just to give you an idea of the kind of thing you’re looking for. This
is a listicle. As you can see, I’ve gone for X sites. It’s
probably going to be four at this .4 sites that pay beginners to write
articles. I came up with this idea because it’s
something I feel passionate about. I think beginners should get paid to write, no
matter how beginning they are. And I don’t think that there are
enough resources out there to really help these people get paid. It’s something
I’m knowledgeable about. I’ve used all four of these websites. I know them
inside and out, and it’s something that I suspect other people care about that
made it a great idea to start outlining. When I went to the outline, this lends
itself to a listicle I probably could have if I really wanted to do
like a how to or a problem symptom solution kind of
thing if I wanted to, but I don’t have to. It lends itself
to the list of this works great. Perfect. Full steam ahead. This
outline took me, I don’t know, maybe five or ten minutes to put together. It
took me maybe five minutes to come up with this idea. So up till now, it’s
taking me somewhere between ten and 15 minutes to get to this
point where we have this piece of content before us. So
again, I’ll reiterate, the more time you spend on your outline, the easier your
draft is going to be. So I’m going to do a little baking
trick that I see them doing the cooking shows. I’m not going to write
out the full draft now because that would be boring for you and probably a
little stressful for me. So instead I’m going to show you the
plate of ingredients, put it away, and pull out a fully baked draft
so you can see what I’ve got. So I’m
going to show you how long it took me to write this. So you know
that I actually drafted this out really quickly. You can see that my
version on May 11, 303 was blank May 11, 328. I have a full draft here, so you
can see all this content. You can see I’ve
got about 1200 words here. I’m going to tell you a secret though.
I didn’t type this because I’m not a super fast typer because I have
terrible typing posture. I used voice to text, so Google Docs has this awesome
voice typing tool. It has typos, but not so many that it
takes me more time to fix the typos than it would to write this
out normally without typos. So highly recommended. Let me write 100 words in
25 minutes and that’s pretty amazing. So let’s
recap. At this point, I have spent 40 minutes
drafting this outlining it and coming up with the
initial idea. I now have a fully fleshed out draft. Do I publish
this? No, I don’t. I spend the final 20 minutes of my hour
editing the heck out of this. Editing is so important. Editing is
going to be what takes your piece from good to great when you’re drafting, at
least for me. It’s so important for me to just push the words out, especially
if I’m in a time crunch. I can spend ten or 15 minutes just
trying to come up with the perfect next sentence. It’s much faster to
write a crappy sentence and spend two minutes later coming back and saying,
okay, I can punch this up by removing this word by adding that word. So
write crap. Edit it into good stuff later. For
editing, I have a quick checklist that I love to use.
So number one, Grammarly. I run this through
Grammarly, especially if I’ve used voice to text. There’s always something I’ve missed.
Grammarly has a bunch of different suggestions that I can take to make
this at least readable at a basic level. The second
thing I do is I read it out loud. This is boring. Everyone
hates to hear this, but you need to do it. Read the whole thing out loud.
Start to finish. Read it the way you want a reader to experience it with
emotion, inflection tone, pauses. Get excited. Share that
passion. What this is going to do is it’s going
to tell you how your piece flows and it’s going to catch the
typos that Grammarly didn’t catch. So as an example, this is one that is totally okay.
Grammarly didn’t catch it, but I can catch this by reading it out loud. The third thing I do is I go through
each bullet and I say, what’s missing? What is a potential
reader going to ask me that isn’t covered here? And then I go through each
sentence and I say, well, can I take this out? Can I take
this out? And will it still make sense? Does this sentence really
add anything? A lot of times. I actually delete my whole
introduction because that’s just to get the juices flowing and it doesn’t actually
contribute that much to my article at all. And then you’re done with the editing and
you have a gorgeous article that is ready to submit anywhere you want. You can
put it on medium you can put on your website. You can repeat this
process as often as you need to crank out articles in less than an
hour. So I want to end with a couple of ways to
improve your speed. Writing quickly is a skill that you
need to develop. There are a couple of things you can do to increase your
speed no matter where you are in your journey. Number one, time
yourself. You can’t improve if you don’t know where you’re
starting. So next time you write a blog post before you even come up with the idea,
start a timer. Say like, okay, I’m going to start one. Now let’s see
how long it takes me from start to finish from coming up with an idea
to submitting it, how long that process
takes, and how long each individual part of that process takes. If it’s taking
you an hour to come up with an idea, that’s a
great place to look for improvements. If it’s taking you 3 hours to edit, maybe look for ways to speed that up.
But first you have to know where you’re starting from. Timing is
everything. Number two, make yourself wait to write. This is a counterintuitive
one, but if you want to write quickly, I find a lot of times it helps to let
an idea percolate in your mind a little bit before you
unleash your fingers and write what you want to write. And then you’ll find
that when you sit down to write, your brain has actually done a lot of
the hard work already and you’re ready to go more than you would have been if
you started a week ago. Number three, rely on outlines. So
this is what I was saying earlier. Outlines
are key to writing quickly. The more you can think in structures,
the more you can think in bullet points like that, the faster you’re going to
get at outlining and then turning that outline into a draft. You can also
practice touch typing. This is where I fall short. Personally, I’m a
very irregular typist, but I’ve got other ways to speed up my
writing. It’s one of the fastest ways to improve is just get better at
typing. It will speed you up and finally get better at
conveying your idea in fewer words. If you
really want to speed up, remove the time typing altogether and just get better
at being condensed with what you want to say. Those are five
strategies you can use to speed up your writing, no matter where you are
in the process. I hope you enjoyed this video on how to write a blog post in
an hour. Where are you in the journey? Let me know in the
comments. Are you able to do this? How long does it take you? Is it
taking longer? What are other strategies that you’ve tried that have worked or
haven’t worked? Let me know. I love reading my comments. I read and reply
to every single one. If you love these videos please hit subscribe. You can
share this with a friend and if there’s anything else you want to know pop me
a question in the comments box below. I’ll see you all in the next video and
until then happy writing bye.

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