What is Voice Access in Windows 11 & How To Use It

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welcome to the video from the slash.com this video i’m going to show you how you can use the new accessibility voice control system with windows 11 this is in the update that’s coming out later this year 22h2 and with with this you can use your microphone to control all of windows so let’s have a look at it it’s called voice access you can just find from the start menu like that and there’s a bit of config you’ve got to do the first time you choose which microphone microphone is going to be used and so i’m going to use the the built-in array mic on the on the surface laptop because i’m using the other microphone to do my recording so it’s okay so let’s start the guidelines so to see what we can do with it so you can work with um the menus you can work control the mouse you can do all sorts with the things so so i’m going to be toggling this mute on and off so it doesn’t um it doesn’t try and translate and and control anything that i’m saying as i’m doing on the video so i’m going to unmute this when i want to control things so i’m going to do the next thing which says there which is click click on animal click animal friends click animal friend click cat so you can see how that was controlling that it actually used the mouse to the the controlling so if for the application it doesn’t have to be a special voice access controlled application it’s windows is doing this for you so um let’s have a look at the other thing we can do with it show numbers here click five click dog show numbers here click eight click picture border so you see i can select things by i said picture border rather than number but when i had the numbers showing i could show the number as well so if you don’t if it’s not exactly hearing what you’re saying perhaps it’s a complicated option on the box or whatever showing the number is is much easier so you can see how easy that works and then the other thing you can do is control the mouse points and this is quite impressive show grid here three seven two click so you can see that using that you get a big grid of the whole application and then you can narrow it down so let’s say if i were to click on the cactus there show grid here five six click so there you go you can see how you can move around and you can say undo if you want to go back out again um you imagine with the blade runner uh system uh blade runner scene where these scanning through the photos so that’s exactly what you can do so you put a grid you say which part of the grid and it zooms in and then clicks with that so you can actually control the mouse through them of course you can use dictation mode so you could click into a box and then use dictation so i can click into the box and dictate what text i want it to say select that delete that click confirm show grid five two click select that so you can see using the combinations of um saying the things you want to click on using the grid you can actually edit text as you’re going through it so here are all the commands that you can actually use so you can go into dictation mode turn the microphone on and off you can do click tap right click left click so let’s try open an application click start click edge click edge two now the reason why asked me then was because there was two options so it was giving me the option which one i wanted to do so so there you go i’ve opened microsoft edge just using uh voice control show grid one two eight click the digitallifestyle.com voice access wake up turn off microphone so you can see then i was toggling that without using the button that was just doing that through the voice so that’s the control that you can use on there scroll down scroll down scroll down show grid seven two click so that just shows how easy it is to do something like selecting a web page and you can scroll up and down and navigate around it’s really easy to do so let’s try an application let’s try something like paint click search paint click open so you can see how easy it is to use it’s really simple and a great accessibility feature here are all the things that you can say navigate before afterwards correct spelling search scroll around interact with apps switching apps alt tabs and all sorts of things so going to the desktop so it’s really easy to to use this is built into 22h2 which is coming soon for windows insight to windows users you can currently test this out if you join the windows insider program and go on the beach channel thanks for watching this video you can find out a full video of all the other changes coming to windows 11 in the near future on our youtube channel and on the dislifestyle.com

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