OUKITEL WP19: Gaming Performance Tests // Monster 21000mAh Smartphone

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modern smartphones have only gotten better 
in terms of battery life however the balance between size performance and maximizing the battery life is very complicated   these days many smartphone users, especially gamers never seem to be happy with the battery life in their smartphones but Oukitel finally did something about it Oukitel wp19 is the world’s first smartphone 
with a giant 21 000 milliamp hours battery   packed with octa-core helio g95 chipset with 
two powerful arm cortex a76 processor cores   overclocked up to 2.05 gigahertz and 6 cortex a55 efficiency focused processors and 8 gigabytes ram plus 256 gigs of storage this phone might be a good option not just for adventurers, scuba divers or people working in the construction 
department it might also satisfy demanding gamers in today’s video we’re going to be focused on the 
graphic performance of the wp19 if you’re looking for a comprehensive review of this phone look up for my in-depth review of the wp19 on our channel #FamilyPopTV but first i’ll show you how 
this new giant phone can cope   with some of the most demanding game titles 
you could play on android devices and mobiles in 2022 games you need a of the range 
phone to see the best of their graphics   and games that will rinse the batteries of any 
other phone – but not the battery of Oukitel wp19 welcome back this is Adam and you’re watching 
#FamilyPopTV youtube channel modern smartphones have come a long way in terms of their technological capabilities there are lots of fantastic games being released for android tablets and mobiles, well worth checking out but many of these games are hungry for graphic and processing power here we got one of the most popular – call of duty mobile COD series doesn’t need an introduction it’s been a staple of gaming for many years now and in 2019 Call Of Duty Mobile was released on handheld 
devices within a year it had about 270 million downloads and the game picked up the awards for the best mobile game at both the BAFTAs and GameAwards as you can see, i have changed the graphic options to the highest to fully enjoy the highest graphic performance you normally need one of the latest powerful phones but as you can see, the wp19 does a pretty good job occasionally might be a bit choppy at around 60 fps there’s no lags no crashes all goes smooth at 
around 60 fps if you’re lucky enough to have more powerful phone then you can expect this game to run up to 120 fps [talk it down] I’ve been tweaking the quality of the graphics to try and up the fps up to 90 to see if this would impact the ability to see and shoot the enemy as you’ve noticed this very video has been 
made exactly in the same aspect ratio and the resolution  as the screen of the wp19, which is 2460 by 1080 pixels and 60 fps  just to show you a true representation 
of what i could see on the display of my wp19 right another first person shooter game 
that will test the wp19 phone to the limits   is Shadowgun Legends legends runs at 60fps while there are many reports of phones running very hot if you combine that with the highest graphics settings if you want both, the fps and the graphics 
you’ll need a very powerful device indeed   so i’ll change the graphic level to ultra high 
and the fps to 60. we’ll see what happens   by the way Shadowgun Legends is the third 
installment in the Shadowgun trilogy   each of the games has been award 
winning and it’s not hard to see why   once you’ve checked out these 
graphics on a high-end mobile device   i can tell the phone getting significantly warmer 
but it’s all fine it’s not super hot again, the graphics is pretty smooth here no issues so far, no ugly dithering, no crashes, all smooth, all good [feel the pain] [you want some] [bye sucker] [say your prayers] [come on] right, the third title i’d like to test on 
wp19 is Asphalt 9 Legends again, let’s change the settings to the highest available and 
let’s see how it would affect the gameplay the Asphalt series has always pushed the graphical 
capacity on mobile devices as far as they could   and the most recent game: 9 is no exception certainly with the hdr graphics and up to 60 fps this is one of the best looking racing games on the mobile there’s a plenty of content as 
well with over 50 different cars   and 800 different events as well as career and 
multiplayer modes and it’s really addictive along with regular seasonal updates and additions the game should keep you busy while you’re enjoying those pretty graphics fighting games are not always 
associated with mobiles   but if you’re going to play one this is probably 
one of the best looking ones – Shadow Fight 3. it’s not just a fighting game, it’s also rpg the main character has customizable visuals and weapons and you’ll unlock more equipment and skills as you progress the story i only just started, just to check 
if my wp19 goes well with this game the Shadow Fight 3 with over 3 million reviews 
on the play store gives the game an average rating of 4.3 stars with many people who actually praising the graphics and animations   with visuals up to 2k which is 1440 pixels 
and up to 60fps it’s certainly easy on the eye  as you can see, the game also runs fine on my 
wp19 with a resolution of 2160 by 1080 pixels as you see the wp19 has specifications that are 
mainstream at the moment it will allow to play the recent games in a reasonable quality and fps rate but one thing is for sure: you got no chance to run out of juice with this gigantic battery this is something no other recent phone in the world has at the moment it’s basically a massive power bank glued to the phone thanks to Oukitel, i’ve recently had a chance to use and abuse this beast of a smartphone a few weeks before its official release so you can watch my comprehensive in-depth review video on this channel there’s a link at the end of 
this video, also link in the video description the wp19 is available to buy at aliexpress from 13th of june 2022 – and there’s a link in the video 
description as soon as it will be available on amazon worldwide i 
will update the links, so stay tuned   okay guys, if you enjoyed our video, please give 
us a thumbs up and if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to click that subscribe button so you won’t miss when the next video comes out   i’ll see you next week – that was Adam and you watched #FamilyPopTV youtube channel

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