Rugged Smartphone Blackview BV4900 Pro Review, Don't need a separate bumper protector for this phone

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it’s the bv 4900 pro uh rugged look phone it has got a uh casing for the entire phone is rugged and bumper protected so you don’t need to install another case for this this itself is highly protected that’s what my son definitely would need because he’s into sixth grade and he would need something that doesn’t break quite often it’s got shark proof and shatter proof and he’s got this nice little uh entire screen or 5.7 inches of lcd display there’s a slim card slot right there and got a four quad camera three cameras and a flashlight right there and there’s volume control button to turn on button it’s waterproof too which is quite cool isn’t it for the kids this is absolutely fantastic and you got a aux cable port right there um so and got a charging port right there what is uh noticeable is that it doesn’t use usbc technology rather it uses micro usb technology which is still okay now let’s turn this on and say it’s black view powered by android next comes a cool screen saver that animation that shade you know that locks you into the phone that’s quite cool isn’t it now comes here the screen opens up there’s no sim card in present right now so it’s fine unlock i unlock it and it’s unlocked now the apps let’s see what kind of apps are present so there’s an oprah browser there’s chrome browser too all google services are present by default there’s an fm radio app already installed and there’s child mode which is quite important if you’re especially giving this to a kid right i mean child mode is very good i got youtube and google translate installed already so you got dual sim card so you can have two sim cards uh present in this and that that will really help the kid uh streamline his you know spam calls and all that stuff so quite a good phone let’s check really quick on to what are the memory settings so about phone say spv4900 pro android 10 version ram 4 gigs and rom 64 gigs and display sizes set 13 megapixel main camera front camera is 5 megapixel that’s that’s pretty cool for a kids phone and most advantageous thing about this is waterproof it is a shockproof it is rugged it’s protected for the kids if they even if they drop it’s not going to be breaking just like another like any other phone which is which does not have a bumper case this that does not need any of the casing because it is already protected super phone

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