Build landing page with elementor in WordPress

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hello and welcome to wordpress tutorials in today’s video i’ll show you how to build a landing page or a home page for your blog website or for your personal or portfolio website uh for example currently you are looking at my screen and i have this homepage template but i want a different template for this one because i imported a whole website template for this website but now i need a different website a different home page for my website so first of all i will need elementor installed i already have elementor and for the theme i’m using astra theme it’s installed and activated so first i’ll create a new page click on pages click on add new and i’ll name my page i’ll give it a unique name like new home page so i can easily choose it from the list from the home page list okay the template would be elementor full width because i’ll need the default menu from this website and then the contents by myself so click on publish first the page will be published then you will click on edit with elementor on this button so click on edit with elementor the elementor editor will take a couple of seconds to load and then we are good to go okay after the elementor is loaded uh there are some options i already have the astra sites uh plugin this plugin provi also provides templates but we have default function the import template in our elementor plugin if you come to the dashboard then let me show you what is the starter template plugin and how you can get this if you click on plugins and click on add new then in the plugin section type astra sites then uh the first plugin which comes in the search will be the starter templates for elementor i already have it uh install and activate this and you will have this option this third option on your site uh you can either have this one or you can get the elementor default templates if you do not want to use astra sites starter sites so click on add a template and in the pages section you also have the block section which means there are some parts some partial parts of for each page for each section and uh you can see uh most of them are pro version but i’ll show you uh only the free versions in this video so this section is see in the free version but we will need the whole page so come to pages and find a free template for as your homepage search for free or home and look for a free template okay there is no template for free okay these are the two templates which are free this one is also free but let’s find a better one or uh let’s just find using starter sites click on starter sites template and here are a lot of templates available for free and this is the most this is the most suitable um home page which i like but this is for shop page uh we will search for a blog type okay this one the learn dash and it’s better click here and uh you can see there are um so much pages like contact about us courses and the home page so we will click on the home page and we will click on import template it will take a couple of seconds to load this template to your uh page after successfully importing the template uh you can scroll down and see all the contents are here uh there are a couple of short codes you are looking at this is because we do not have the learn dash plugin installed and we do not need that you can just remove these from your page and then you can adjust the page as you want for example if we want to change the background of this section then click on these six dots and come to the style tab and here this image is used for uh as a background for this section and you can see this blue color so this is background overlay and this is the color you can change the color uh you can give the color code here or you can just grab it to the color you want and then adjust the shade here and then you can set the opacity of the background overlay okay now similarly uh you can change the text by clicking on this section which is image box this is the description this is the title this is the description and this is title and you can choose the image as well but this is a header section or a hero section so we do not need any image for this section now come to the button you can change the button link you can change the title text for the button now these are the cards um if you click on a single card then you can change the icon the title for this icon and the description this is the short description for this icon similarly this one and this one as well so so most of the contents on this page are self-explanatory like i am scrolling down and clicking on a random element and this element is editable here you can remove or add new elements as well so this is how you can build a beautiful home page a landing page using extra starter size plugin and elementor plugin this is all for today’s video i hope you learned something please give this video a thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel and you will not miss our future videos thank you

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