Coolest Phone Mount for ANY Vehicle

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okay so i i figured you know what i was gonna buy hold on okay i figured i was gonna buy a phone mount now usually like with my audis and stuff i’ll get something that’s proprietary that works like they make one that clips on here it doesn’t really look good and it kind of blocks this but i was like you know what i was browsing facebook and sure enough they they have this little mount jammy and it was promoted by facebook and i usually you know i click them somehow they know what i’m looking at but i was like oh what’s this so this apparatus i actually bought no nope they didn’t send it to me to do review you know a lot of the stuff that i buy buy because i’m gonna use it sorry about the shake and i’m trying to hold up an ipad mini one hand while showing you this but this is unique because what happens here is this apparatus goes around the mirror right and then it adjusts again i do apologize because i’m so you’ll see that it adjusts height like this right so this goes on and it snaps on and then that arm down there allows you to rotate when you adjust the screw right so you loosen this up and then it allows you to put it to the left side the right side below it whatever and then this arm on the bottom here allows you to adjust it even further it goes all the way up like that or you can press this button and that kind of comes out it doesn’t really go out too far i what my goal was to get it to go like right here even though that blocks it or you could do it there and then even then this part here adjust and this will hold an iphone 13 pro i don’t know about those samsung tab shits i’m not saying i hate android but it is what it is and i did buy this so let me put this on real quick it’s gonna be a little difficult to do this with one hand but i’m gonna try um so we’re gonna go here and i’m more nervous i’m more nervous about you know like a rear view sensor so let me just put this down and try to put that on real quick i need two hands so what happened what i did was i took this off and i was like wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute can i adjust this more yes you can so these here actually extend more it doesn’t really help me that much it does as far as the fatness of it uh but the problem you’re gonna run into is again the width so i can get it on but what happens hold up that’s it on right it’s not the prettiest on the top right and that rubbing will look like over time but you’ll see here right this is so disco this is where your phone goes you push these two in and then that’s where the phone goes so if we go like this let me take this down go like this so that is what the final product will look like right again not super pretty on the back right it’s not the most attractive look yeah it you know for what it is it’s not bad but if you have one of these thick viscous mirrors let’s see let me try some a little bit better yeah see it’s still it’s still not as good you know it’s a universal fit there you go oh that’s a little bit better but now you have here i mean it’s not bad it’s not there you go so that’s it finalized not bad and there you go phone so it’s kind of out of the way and you do have to loosen up that screw on the back for this to adjust and then once you adjust that it’ll kind of swing down you see it’s still blocking it i mean i guess you could even do that if you really wanted to but i wouldn’t because well that blocks the driver view so having it up there isn’t bad it really is not so definitely would recommend it i mean you do have to finagle it a little bit and it is kind of rubbing actually no it’s not so it is actually fitting so that’s a good thing there it is you

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