Everything New with CarPlay in iOS 16!

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here’s everything new with carplay in ios 16 and probably also ios 17. …. welcome everybody to apple insider it is andrew here and thank you so much for hanging out with me today if you want to get to know me more you can follow me on twitter at andrew underscore osu if you haven’t done so already please go ahead and subscribe to the channel and enable those notifications so you don’t miss a single video in this video i’m going to be walking through everything new in car play that is coming as part of ios 16 this fall but that said i’m also going to be showing you off apple’s sneak peek for next year this is 2023 stuff we’re going to be talking about it’s kind of cool so let’s go ahead dive into all of this the first thing that apple has announced is for maps maps now supports multi-stop routes which is crazy cool you can actually plan these multi-stop routes on your computer on your mac then pass that information seamlessly over to your iphone and use it inside of car play so if you ever want to plan a route where you’re going out first stop and get some food on your way to a further destination you can plot all of that out and it’ll kind of navigate you along the way uh if you have people to pick up on the way somewhere all that stuff i’m sure all of you have done it and usually have to name it to your first spot put in your second address navigate again this far more seamless in beta 1 though multi-stop routing turn-by-turn directions are not available in carplay hopefully that’s updated before release the second change is apple’s adding two new device categories to carplay now with ios 16 carplay will support fueling apps and driving tasks so what kind of apps may we see inside those two new categories well fueling apps are kind of self-explanatory they’re gonna help you find gas stations or find cheaper fuel prices stuff like that pretty useful in the current climate the second type though those driving tasks is a little bit more opaque but for really anything to help you on the road so we’re gonna see ones that help you with road information with toll information possibly towing help those are just a few of the ideas that apple has floated but it’s a bit of a broad nebulous category so it’s gonna be interesting to see how developers sink their teeth into this and bring us some really cool apps the fall of 2022 with the release of ios 16. moving right along apple has made a couple key improvements to existing applications inside of carplay first is messages now when you are messaging somebody with siri siri can automatically send that message after it’s read it back to you so the way this would normally work is you’d have to confirm and say yes you want to send it before siri would do so now siri can read the message back to you assuming everything is fine siri will then send it on its way there will still be an edit button on the screen that you can tap and edit it or anything like that before sending but it should speed up the process for those who message quite frequently using siri hands-free in the car the second thing is apple is bringing more of the library from the podcast app to car play before you’re kind of limited and focused mainly on the you know now playing experience apple says you’ll now be able to find saved and downloaded episodes as well as the latest episodes of shows that you follow inside of the carplay app it’s very nice for those who kind of struggled getting the podcast they were looking for definitely me i would be trying to find the new episodes like homekit insider my own personal podcast but sometimes it just wouldn’t show up and you have to go to your phone it was a mess so i love that you actually can see all this now inside of the podcast app right inside of carplay one thing that i haven’t seen so far is no new wallpapers apple usually includes new wallpapers with major software updates but at least in the first bait of ios 16 i have not seen any new ones just the ones that we got last year with ios 15. so stay tuned maybe by the time ios 16 is actually released fall 2022 we will get some new wallpapers for carplay now let’s talk about what i think you all really want to hear about and that is the massive new carplay redesign it’s time for a little sponsor shout out helping make this video happen is clean my mac x by macpaw cleanmine has millions of users all around the globe in more than 185 countries including at least one in antarctica my favorite feature about cleanmymac is smartscan it’ll examine your system log files and user caches and find things that are no longer needed to help free up space and can run a quick malware check and optimizations to make sure your mac is running as fast as possible in merely a few seconds space lens is another amazing feature that allows you to see what files are taking up space on your mac with malware removal you can scan your mac for cryptocurrency miners viruses adware and remove them all instantly in total cleanmymac has nearly 50 built-in tools to keep your mac clean fast and protected all in a simple to use gorgeous interface as an exclusive offer to you all you can receive five percent off a year subscription to clean my mac use the link down below for five percent off and this offer is only good until june 30th so act now and get that discount and just one more thing clean my mac is designed and built by macpaul which is based in ukraine and despite all the ongoings in the country there has been zero disruptions in their service i cannot thank them enough for sponsoring this video and making it happen if you haven’t already follow the link down below get a discount and try clean my mac x now let’s go back to our video see apple is launching a whole new version of carplay but it is not slated to arrive in vehicles until possibly 2024 apple says the first vehicles will be announced in late 2023 which means if they’re announced late 2023 those vehicles may not arrive until 2024 so everything that i’m going to show you be excited but don’t anticipate getting your hands on it until ios 17 or ios 18 it’s just a little bit up in the air so get excited it’s really cool the first thing apple is doing with this new version of carplay is carplay will now work in all the screens in your vehicle see the way it stands now is that carplay will work in your center console and some will even support showing maps and directions inside of your navigation cluster but sometimes cars have other screens there’s small ones there’s wide long ones there’s all sorts of stuff in different vehicles and carplay didn’t support all of them now it does carplay just basically becomes every screen in your car at least on the ones that support it and it looks really neat apple is doing stuff with each of those different spaces if we look at the instrument cluster apple is providing multiple different designs themes color choices for you to choose from so you can customize your in-car experience it’s unlike apple to give so much customization and i think that’s why i’m so excited about it but you can really change the look and feel you’ll still see everything you need like your speed your navigation your rpms your fuel your range all that stuff can still be shown basically everything you currently have in the instrument cluster just in a different look a lot of cars already have these digital interfaces so apple’s just skinning it and kind of tying that information in with what’s getting from your iphone for things like navigation other screens in your car will have things like widgets apple has a full array of widgets that it can display inside of your car things like your home for your garage door it can show your temperatures and uv levels for places that you are or visiting your calendar can show up there just letting you know like what time your appointment is no other information you are driving a car for goodness sake but at least be able to see some information up there in all of those widgets which i think is very very cool finally i think the biggest piece for me personally is the ability to control your vehicle without having to leave car play right now i have to jump to my car’s interface if i want to do things like adjust the seat ventilation or change the temperature or even tune the radio now all of that can live inside of the carplay interface i can just tap on carplay and stay in that the whole time i’d be able to control my seats the ac or the heat tune the radio all within that carplay interface no need to exit to the car’s ui this is a huge huge deal and i cannot wait for manufacturers to adopt this thus far there have been 14 i believe manufactured that have pledged support for this big ones like acura honda ford volvo land rover and several more around the globe have pledged to support this new version of carplay when it’s finally launching 23 24 somewhere in the future i hope to see more cars coming to that list and even those car manufacturers have been very quiet about what they plan to announce just that we’ll share more information in the future so there’s no idea what vehicles from those auto manufacturers will actually see this new version of carplay but it’s got people very very excited me included it’s gonna be a long couple years before we see this new version of carplay let me know what you guys think of all of these carplay changes let me know down below in the comments or on twitter at andrew underscore osu otherwise stay tuned we got so many more videos heading your way …. you

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