iOS 15.0 – 15.5 Jailbreak Info: Do This Right Now So You Can Jailbreak / Downgrade In The Future!

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In today’s video, I will show you how to back up your SHSH2 tickets / blobs for iOS 15.5, iOS 15.5 Beta, and even iOS 15.6 Beta. You should always save your SHSH2 tickets because these can be used to downgrade / update in the future even if those versions aren’t signed anymore. You may want to do this in the future if a jailbreak gets released and you’re on the wrong firmware.

SHSH2 tickets are personalized for your device so you cannot use somebody else’s SHSH2 blobs. You must save your own while the iOS version in cause is still signed by Apple. iOS 15, although hard to jailbreak, is full of vulnerabilities which means you should definitely keep your SHSH2 blobs saved for when a jailbreak gets released.

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what’s going on youtube gs9 here so in today’s video i’m going to show you how to save the shsh blobs for downgrade and jailbreak purposes on ios 15.5 and the betas that are currently available the reason you should do that is to ensure that you will be able to jailbreak in the future and yes we have some things to discuss for those of you who are willing to update and can’t wait anymore this video is brought to you by startsoftkeepass a program that allows you to bypass the icloud activation if you forgot your passcode or your apple id and so on and you cannot activate your device anymore it also works to activate your device if you bought it from a different country and you don’t have the proper sim card to activate it or of course if it fails to activate because it’s an older device this program supports iphone 10 and older though and a free trial is available so for those of you who are unaware right now the ios 15.5 is currently the latest signed version but 15.5 beta 4 and 15.5 rc are still signed there’s also the 15.6 betas but that don’t really matter at the moment so for those of you who are waiting for a jailbreak either for taurine or foreign cover to be updated you should definitely save your blobs and yes you’re going to ask me why would i save them the jailbreak will never come and so on well the jailbreak will definitely come ios 15 was very hard to jailbreak because apple stepped up their game a lot of things had to be updated and a lot of things had to be rethought by the odc team developing the taurine in order for them to get some things working so ios 15 was indeed very hard to jailbreak but if you’re waiting for a jailbreak the biggest mistake you can make is to actually update further the more you update the more you diminish your chances to jailbreak in the near future and updating the ios 16 developer beta 1 is the worst idea ever devices overheat the battery life is basically crap and you will nuke your entire chance to jailbreak anytime in the future if you update the ios 16 and it’s really not worth it just for a couple of widgets on the lock screen so to save your blobs in order to be able to jailbreak and downgrade in the future it takes only a couple of seconds to do go ahead in here and get blob saver by air squared you go here to releases and get the 3.2.1 or the newest available when you’re watching this this one was posted three days ago and it’s especially made for ios 15 because it fixes an important issue in there so it’s available for both windows mac os and even linux so no problem in there once you have it you open it and connect your phone to the computer once you’ve connected your phone to the computer it’s as simple as pressing read from the device over here and it automatically detected everything now if your device is an iphone 12 or an iphone 10s and s max 10r iphone 11 and so on so basically anything newer than the a12 you press specify app notes here and read it from the device as well in my case it’s not necessary so i’m going to press go over here and it’s going to save the blobs and that’s it it’s as simple as that if you want to save them for the beta you press include betas over here as well and press go this way it will save the betas as well which are currently signed as simple as that and there we go as you can see it saved everything in here including 15.5 15.6 pages and so on you never know when one of these betas have an important vulnerability that can be used for jailbreak purposes take your time save your blobs and do not update i know that you’ve been waiting for a long time for a jailbreak and ios 15 has been extremely annoying to jailbreak in the first place because of how complicated it is but the more you update the more you’re going to wait so try your best to stay as low as possible and save your blobs thank you for watching imgsnow till the next time subscribe to stay updated and peace out you

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