iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X: More iOS 16 Features Gone

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well everyone as if it couldn’t get any worse it looks like there’s are a few more different ios 16 features that i guess i didn’t hit on before that are actually not coming on for these specific iphones the iphone 8 iphone 8 plus and the iphone 10. now what’s super crazy to me is that these iphones could have easily supported each individual feature that i’m going to be bringing and talking about in this video but they’re just artificial limitations and i’ve talked about this before in many different videos but but essentially what’s going on is that you have an iphone like an iphone 10 even the iphone 8 plus that could have easily supported these features but they’re just not coming on now the first thing is it’s actually pretty insane apple didn’t give us this ability is not being able to actually add medications within our health application now at first i thought yeah you know us adding medication through the camera app that’s not quite the case we have to go through the health application and within the health application we have an ability to actually go ahead and pretty much add medication via a you know camera now we can still do it if we manually do it so we can go and click here we can click medication and we can add a medication but we just can’t add a medication with a camera we can add a medication via a you know typing method you can just go type it in whatever but that’s another weird feature apple didn’t bring in here i feel like that’s kind of a little weird for them to bring it i mean if this iphone is getting the support i’m sure there’s a lot of people who have to take medications that want this feature but unfortunately they just won’t be able to do it at least with taking a camera so i think that was a very very weird strange move from apple i don’t know why they did that on top of that that continuity camera feature that apple brought in with ios 16. continuity camera i think is really cool it basically allows us to go ahead and use our iphone as a camera for some reason i actually am not 100 too sure even which iphones are supported but the iphone 10 iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus are also not supported with this version of software either which i find very strange i think that just doesn’t really make too much sense apple spends all this time marketing all these features and the phones that are supported don’t even get this specific feature which is so crazy now like i said apple spent a lot of time talking about this on their keynote and i found that to be a really cool feature unfortunately we don’t really have that capability so i think that’s very weird so on the iphone 10 and these iphones you are not getting that specific feature which again i think is very weird and specifically for the iphone 10 we do not have the ability of unlocking our iphone in landscape mode i find this to also be another weird thing i talked about this i think in one video but these are some other features i mean i don’t understand the landscape face id unlocking thing i may understand you may need to have like a certain you know chipset or certain whatever to you know have that ability but i just find that to be another weird thing i just feel like it’s another artificial thing that apple put in for absolutely no reason now those are the main features that i didn’t talk about before that probably aren’t going to be supported on these iphones but like i mentioned when you have other iphones like the iphone 8 or iphone 8 plus like in the back it’s very strange that we don’t have this type of capability even on these iphones i feel like on the iphone 10 it could easily support 99 of these features but why can’t we support these things on the iphone 8 or the iphone 8 plus you know i think it makes absolutely no sense i feel like they’re just artificial stipulations and those are pretty much my thoughts on this whole entire thing if you have any other thoughts or questions let me know in the comments section below hit the like button tell me so much but definitely hit that subscribe button more importantly than everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully i’ll catch you guys in the next video peace out till then …. you

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