Lightyear Mission Gear Belt Visor and Laser Blade DX Review

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Lightyear Mission Gear Belt Visor and Laser Blade DX Review
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hey howdy hey partners today we have brand new light year mission gear let’s get into it i am socks your personal companion roller and i regret having joined you you’re watching today i grew up light year edition enjoy the review you can also click the card here in the corner of your screen and that’ll take you to all the lightyear toy reviews that i’m reviewing on this channel hey howdy hey partner super excited to be back again with more lightyear toy reviews the movie and the andy experience i’m going to an early screening tomorrow night so i’m very excited it’s actually my birthday today so wish me in the comment section happy birthday to me and for my birthday today i got these awesome presents this mission gear utility belt retails for 16.99 so it’s not that expensive it includes a fuel crystal which is pretty cool the crystals right there as you can see comes with this cool belt clip now i don’t know if this fits older space rangers like me or you know adult size so we’ll have to figure that out and here it also has the visor which we got and the laser blade here on the back it says store and go so you can store your crystal and there’s a crystal activates hidden compartment so that’ll be exciting to check out so bad news if you aren’t a skinny little space ranger this won’t fit you i tried putting this belt up to my my pants and it only fit halfway around my body so it’s not going to fit me at all but if you are a skinny little space ranger it’ll definitely fit you you can you know have it buckle there it’s you know size adjusting fit to what you are has a little belt um holder if you’re you’re too skinny oh so that’s cool and then it’s got this little cool compartment here where you open up there’s nothing in there obviously it comes with a crystal you can just kind of store it in there close the buckle there and then take it back out if you’d like to probably could fit two of those crystals in here actually um if you wanted to store it there here’s a cool feature you put the crystal in this compartment you push it down and it opens up the secret thing with a secret switch it doesn’t really do anything has clicking noises but it’s just to set levels i think it’s just for fun and then inside it looks kind of like a communicator or some kind of digital map or something it’s just a sticker but it’s pretty cool nonetheless if you want to do that it’s just a pop open feature it’s a little crystal which is nice this right here doesn’t really do anything it’s got a little switch i wish it had lights and sounds it does not uh it just kind of slides onto the belt there it’s like a clip so i can technically put this on any kind of belt that i want and um what i’m thinking is what i can do since it doesn’t fit me i probably can get another belt that does fit me and just transfer the parts over because i could clip these on to the new belt so maybe i’ll work on that for a future project put these pieces on a belt that does fit me maybe that’ll work but it’s cool that has a little space ranger logo nothing much to this belt it’s just kind of like this rubbery plastic material but it’s pretty cool crystal itself is kind of this hollow plastic i wish they would have put a real crystal in there it’s kind of this purpley tint color which is nice i do like that detail and this will probably fit exactly with a five inch scale buzzes i notice this is the same as the five inch scale crystals so that is pretty neat accessory next look at the visor it’s 19.99 that is a little expensive i feel for what you get there is a button here it doesn’t really do anything it does have these little rubbery grips for your ears so it doesn’t hurt your head it’s really nice strap that’s uh you know it’s it has a lot of room to give so if you have a big head or a smaller head it should fit you it’s like a one size fits all i actually tried this on and it does fit me so it does fit an adult head normal size one the visor does go up and it does go down so i wish i had a the button triggered the visor to go up and down but it does not it’s just up and down manually so it’s pretty simple straightforward this is marketed as a training visor we’ll have to watch the movie to find out more what that actually means but it’s pretty comfortable you know it’s got a little rubbery piece here for your forehead so it’s not uncomfortable and it definitely fits my head my favorite part the laser blade dx this is something i’ve been waiting for since i saw it in the store it is 24.99 right now i know sometimes in target it’s marked as 29.99 check the target app because it is cheaper there as well as you can find it for 24.99 really like the box i like that in the box that kind of put the artwork of the laser blade and you can see it kind of light up through the back which is pretty fun for packaging this is my favorite prop that i’ve seen and it’s super cool because it reminds me of a lightsaber let’s open it up so this laser blade runs on three aaa batteries it does include them when you buy them so that is pretty sweet you don’t have to purchase the batteries it already comes with batteries i really like the size of it because i feel like it is an appropriate size for not only young but older space rangers like me who can hold it and in my hand it doesn’t feel super small it does feel like you know i could cosplay with it no problem it is super cool so on the bottom you notice there’s switches here this left side is the store demo mode the middle is off so that means it won’t trigger anything when you press the trigger button this is the play mode so this is the full play mode we’re gonna go through the laser sounds and see what that’s about [Laughter] when you put it on on mode it just stays on and you can wave it around and it makes sounds so as you hear it toggles through those whoosh modes and hitting noises and then if you press the trigger again it’ll make that sound when you hit the trigger and then let’s see what happens when we don’t press anything or move it around if it turns off by itself we’ll see what happens many many minutes later so it’s been about a couple minutes and it’s still on so i assume as long as the switch is on it’s gonna stay on uh let’s put back in the try me store mode see what happens with that so with the store trimming mode it just toggles through the different modes but if you put it on full-on mode you’re going to have that lightsaber kind of hum the whole time and it even turns on like a lightsaber as you see it slowly turns on i wish i had the same effect going back when you turned it off but it does not so that is very interesting it just stays on as long as you have it on on mode and you’re playing with it you’ll just keep doing that so this is very cool i really love this prop it’s super awesome i think it’s super weird that the logos are pretty much on uh one side over the other we do have the caution striping there but on this side we actually have the caution word as well as the star command dx09 which is cool now i wonder how this is going to play out in the movie but it’s pretty comfortable to the grip and i really like the way it feels in hand this laser blade feels quality it doesn’t feel cheap at all i do like that it’s kind of weighted as well this is my favorite prop i think so far from the lightyear merch is to have this in hand it really makes you feel like lightyear you know slashing the blade around so i cannot wait to watch this in action in the movie and it’s super cool to have it in hand in real life all right partners this is the visor test as you can see the visor actually fits my head i have no issues with it at all it’s pretty comfortable actually and putting the visor down check it out but what do you think of this this looks really cool kind of sounds kind of echoey once i close the visor but it’s really cool that you just kind of flick it up and down and there’s no issues with it it’s pretty solid i really like it a lot i feel like a recruit already for light year with my blade let’s turn it on for the full experience i’m coming for you zerg come on zerg prepare to meet your match that’s right let’s turn on the saver for the full experience yeah that’s what i’m talking about zerg get out of my way cyclops get out of my way zerg our recruits are gonna get you buzz this is so cool well partners i had a fun time reviewing this mission equipped gear super awesome to cosplay and i think it’s super fun to see the movie come to life in your hands with the laser blade my favorite prop highly recommend these items they’re super cool should be able to find them on amazon walmart or target go out there happy toy hunting hope you find a lot of your toys that you want to collect to build your collection as always partners thank you so much for liking and commenting on these videos really help support this channel if you want to continue on this journey with me all you have to do is hit that subscribe button hit that notification bell see you later for future videos on this channel and i’ll see you partners on the next video review you want the real buzz lightyear now you’re an action figure …. i don’t get it

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