One App Fixes All Steam Deck Windows Issues – MUST WATCH!

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The Handheld Companion is designed to enhance the functionality of your Steam Deck. This software provides several useful features, including controller support, TDP control, custom refresh rates, and more. In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to install and use the software, as well as explain how it works.

Some have raised the question whether this causes a ban, here is my response:
From the knowledge I gathered, this isn’t new and has been used before on aya neo products. I am not an expert but I know it uses the same driver as SWICD. Which despite some people saying it causes a ban, I have not got any ban from it. I’ve used it for 6 months playing warzaone without a ban. So I think it should be okay.
However, I am not sure about the TDP changer. Some have suggested it may cause a ban. I will stay away from the TDP changer for now until further information.

Download Here:

Add refresh rates here:

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This is the handheld companion on steam deck. I am very excited to share this app with you. I have stayed up making up this video. I am glad to be part of the steam deck windows community.
This app let’s you change steam deck TDB on windows in-game. It also takes of the controller problem so steam deck non steam games controller is not an issue anymore. So, no more swicd, steam deck tools or Glossi. For me this is the one. You can also change steam deck custom resolution on windows. Steam deck windows in game keyboard is no longer an issue!

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